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In our life soap operas are very popular. Many people find them enjoyable and realistic, but some people don’t think so. There are as much opinions about soap operas as people. I can’t say that soap operas are good or bad. I think that there are some advantages and disadvantages and now I will discuss them. On the one hand, soap operas can help us have a good spare time, because usually they are very interesting and true-to-life. Another good thing is that soap operas can wake our feelings and make us make people more human.

Also I can mention that we can find very close situations to our lives in soap operas. It can help us to find a way out from any situation what is very useful. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages of soap operas. For example, soap operas can be unrealistic and useless for everyday life. We can just spend free time for nothing.

Another negative moment is a dependence on a soap opera, especially for our grandmothers. It is can cause addiction, when people always watch it and then forget about their plans, friends, families and real life.

They even can’t leave because they are waiting for the next series and think about it during the day. What is more, soap operas need a lot of free time, which we can spend for more useful things. For example, to spend time with family or read interesting book. In conclusion I would like to say that watching soap operas is personal choice.

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I don’t want to say that they are bad and we don’t need it at all. I think that soap operas can be a good way of entertainment but sometimes it becomes a program that leads to people’s degradation.

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