Smartphones: Good or Bad?

The purpose of my research paper is to explore this question: are smartphones good or bad for a person’s lifestyle? Through my research I have found sources claiming that the fact smartphones are good for a person ‘s life style, and others who claim that smartphones are not good or bad person, especially for student and young peoples. In our contemporary world, smartphones play a very important role in people’s lives.

With this research question, I wanted to see the positive and negative side effects of smartphones in our life.

Mobile phones are becoming more and more popular in many countries. They are ideal use for use. Your friends and your parents can talk to you anytime, anywhere, and you can do the same. Some smartphones can send shorter text messages, says The Times of London, which describes the model as “the new tool for young people to meet their needs.” (·.) There are also cell phones that connect to the Internet and connect through web pages and e-mail transmission lines.

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Many of us think about buying and using the mobile phone. In any case, it is important to note that everything else has a positive side. Cell phones may have certain benefits.

But it is also good to look at the wrong side of the coin, for it may help us to be careful about what you can do if you decide to buy a cell phone. According to some research paper, ‘The first commercially available cell phone was released in 1983 and only let you talk for half an hour before it needed to be recharged.

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It resembled a brick in size, weight and design, and despite the hefty $3,995 price tag, people were all over it. The Short Message Service text messaging system built into cell phone networks originally only allowed for 160 characters per message. To increase the amount of information they could cram into each message and save time on tapping them out, people started inserting abbreviations, since then, phone technology has advanced enough to make cell phones. During the years of 2000s, we saw the raise of keyboard integrated cell phones, which helps millions of people get connected by calling and messaging. Nowadays, the technology is advanced enough to produce those high-tech smartphones these Smartphones are more like small computers that can also make phone calls.-

Mobile phones have become the basic communication tools available everywhere. Now mobile phones can be used to make voice calls, use SMS, send text messages, and memorize a variety of events. There are also detrimental effects for smartphones in our day, as there are so many benefits to smartphones. Some research shows that, smartphones can help to get better food. This means you can have a very popular website or app for healthy food preparation. We often get information about the cooking producer and how to cook on different websites. It’s easy and convenient to use your phone to comprehend all the complementary foods and information available. According to some resource, for those who use mobile phones, people who use their mobile phones are more likely to be dieting. Your phone may cause you to move. You can use it to track your physical activity. Studies show that such applications are very accurate in rating and distance measures. You can also quickly re-enable feedback and maximize co-ordination. Moreover, those who use their phones to listen to music tend to like the activity as they report. Your phones can help reduce stress. In just a few minutes, you can download quiet music or natural sounds. Smartphones help us to quickly and easily access information in a timely manner. Smartphones can be used to capture and organize different photo collections simultaneously, such as in recreation places at schools, religious places, weddings, cemeteries, or friends, etc. For example, using smartphones, using different GPS applications in different countries, both of which can more easily find food shops or restaurant.

Although smartphones have many good sights, there are some of them. The purpose of this article is to make smartphones look at the bad side effects of their smartphones. Often, your phone may be distracting. Caring for a car or taking a walk outside of the home, docking our phones, and staying in our bags and pockets make us likely to pay attention to the environment. Since we are often a phone dependent, we do not want our phones to separate from our hands, which means that we are addicted to the phone. Your phone can add to or distract your mind.

In social media, different bad things happen. People hear different violent crimes See sexually explicit material or sexually explicit material This may lead to personal breaks. Basically, bad mobile users are more likely to be affected by the use of systematically and less efficiently.Some surveys show that smart phone users are often at a disadvantage. Teenagers who spend hours on their phones often spend less time on their education. They want to use their phones while they are studying in school. Your phone may disturb your sleep. Typically, our phones are slowly becoming more and more normal. Using our phones for many hours is a danger to our eyes and health. Just like a TV or computer, you can rest your light on the surface of your phone. Such an artificial source of light can interrupt natural occurrences in the sleep cycle in your body. Additionally, uninterrupted alerts can cause a stumbling block. We need to turn off our phones before sleeping at night. Take frequent breaks. Lots of text or similar activities can be extremely devastating to your fingers and hands. Your eyes can be damaged too. Reduce earphone volume when listening to music from your phone. Earphones have to handle more than just what we need, so we need to avoid using them or reduce the volume.

Make a Limited Time Plan. Many people can call us for help, but it’s a good time to talk to your phone and make an appointment. A lot of people especially yang and students use smartphones for day-to-day activity. Smartphones contain different games, Music players, books, Emails, Internet browsers, different document and video editors. Using smartphones have brought the world together by allowing people to communicate with each other no matter where they are. But, in different area and different place most people are depending on their smartphone to do their work. That means they are not use their Brain. For example, some people depend on smartphones, to communicate with other, to browse the internet, to play games, to perform mathematical calculations, to read books, to watch movies, and to text others. Smartphones can encourage mental limitation. For example, instead of doing math in your brain or hand with pen and paper, you may just use your smartphone to calculator instead using brain. But researcher shows that using smartphones can decreasing your thinking process and confidence.

Black Buse is the director of Allen Communication learning Services solution. In this article, the another shows that the use of the smartphones for students in school to education. Blake shows that many students are smartphones and internet user. According to the survey, it shows that ‘73% of young students have access to smartphone s, and 92% of young student access to Internet.- The author also believes that smartphones are very important to save time to communicate. But it is difficult for parents and teachers to control them. Teenaged students have smartphones and internet access, but in some area the internet access is limited, and some people cannot access the internet. The author concludes that a mobile phone is very important for students to communicate, to learn in groups and use various applications. But I argue that, I do not think smartphone is important for students. because if they use smartphone for education day to day, they may be dependent on smartphones, and they are not use their talent for education. I can conclude that this article is very helpful for the next research paper. Because, Getting Smart help to young people gate smart and connect to the idea economy. Getting smart supports innovation in learning, education and technology and this is a credible source, and therefore will be used in my argumentative research paper.

Graeme Paton is one of the Daily Telegraph’s Education Editor, who believes in the Increased use of the internet and smartphones in schools are undermining pupils’ capacity and grammar knowledge and they will be dependence. According to a survey conducted on this website, many students are dependent on telephone and internment, and more than one-quarter of them have been accepted as practices. Based on the Cranfield School of Management survey found almost 6 in 10 school students was copying information directly from websites for their tasks without properly read and understand it. This source of information is to be loyal and sincere, and I fully share the idea. Because mobile phone use for education often reduces our knowledge skills, for example, I often do not use mobile phone, and now I have mobile phone and use Internet for education, but now my confidence decrees compare to before. The internet is dependent on, I conclude and supported his idea that education is being disrupted by technology obsession by mobile phone and the internet. So, smartphone affect our life day to day activity. This article helpful for my research paper.

Richard Emanuel currently works as a Professor of Communication at the Alabama State University in Montgomery. Richard does research in a variety of areas including Visual Literacy and Communication Education. On this article Emmanuel starts with statistics of an interview conducted on undergraduate to realize how much people value their phones. The result was that many people feel comfortable with their phones. Emmanuel embarks on the critic of the overuse of cell phones by reviewing the statistics of Menthal (a free downloading application) which tracks the phone use and sends the data to a database for analysis. The results were that most youths use their cell phones more frequently. He reveals that women feel safer with their phones as compared to men. Freshmen also used their phones more frequently than any other class. The author tries to argue out that just like any mental disorder, the addiction to smartphones is also becoming a disorder. The anxiety that comes with the use of the phone such that one cannot do without it makes it an issue of health concern. The author also lists the effects of using smartphones and such include: self-alienation as people want to spend more time on their smartphones, impatience such that one would abandon a website that loads for four seconds and messy conversations since people always want to talk about what they have read from the internet. The article concludes that People are not the mater of smartphone addicted, they are more addicted to the information gating from smartphone, websites, and personal blogs and connections this brings grate change in our lives. I can conclude that this article is very helpful in strengthening my arguing viewpoint on smartphone addiction.

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