Slumdog Millionaire Book Report Essay

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Slumdog Millionaire Book Report

Ram Mohammad Thomas is a boy from the Indian slums who has entered a “Who wants to be a millionaire” style television quiz show. Despite his lack of formal education, his life experiences have perfectly equipped him to answer each question that comes up. Because the show’s organizers are sure that he must have cheated, they ask him to explain how he was able to answer such difficult and obscure questions. Each chapter deals with another question and answer, and as the book progresses his very colorful life story is also gradually revealed. The part of the book that leaves a permanent impression on me is when he said he wonder what it feels like to have no desires left because we have satisfied them all, smothered them with money even before they are born. Then, he raised two questions “Is an existence without desire very desirable? And is the poverty of desire better than rank poverty itself?”

After reading these two questions, I started to reflect myself. Some people and including me will think that the poverty of desire is better than rank poverty because for poverty of desire, we still got money in our hand, and at least we can live ourselves with the absence of the souls. However, the truth is we should live a poverty material life, not the poverty spiritual life. As people are not born with the money, we should not be the slave of money or desires and put them as our top priority when making decisions. Therefore I think this part can remind me not to be mean and greedy and have a real personality.

This book gives me a message conveyed is that we should cherish our lives and never do things that you will regret because either rich or poor everybody just live once. We should not live by the destination or somebody else because we have the right to control our live. Although Ram is a orphan which is very poor, he does not give up himself. Finally, he can also win the game and get a million of dollars with his amazing adventures in his street-kid life which taught him the answer. Lastly, this motto ‘every good book leaves an indelible mark on its readers through its plot and characters and the message it carries.’ can be exactly carried out by this book. I highly recommend this book to the people around me. I hope that they can learn something in it.

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