Skill to Succeed in College

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How many job applications required that have a college degree for a recruiter to even accept you? All of them.


Most of our society believe that the most effective way to succeed in life is to go to college. The skills required to learn and master the materials demand determination that many will find challenging. There are skills you should master in order to have a successful college career:  Being self-motivated, learning to managing your time, and taking advantage of resources.

All these things will help a student succeed.

First point:

Being self- motivated. Self- motivation is a strong tool we are needing to use to further in life and it is also can help us with achieve our and dream. Setting goals for ourselves is something that consider to be extremely important, I believe in always pushing myself further in life, not only physically but spiritually because in life there are different things in and tools we can use to motivate us towards our ultimate goals.

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Example: A self-motivated person will not need someone to constantly give him/her a pep talk or tell him/her that things will be ok after forgetting an assignment. In another for us to stay motivated we must set a goal and be driven towards achieving it. As a student knowing the joy knowledge of learning and empowerment can bring it is priceless. “According to ~Walt Disney “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”.

Second point:

As a student you must take responsibility for managing your time and make sure that all requirements are well executed and the same goes for students who already parenting because balancing school while being a parent could be very challenging.

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Being a parent and attending classes full time is a big challenge. As a matter of fact, it’s a challenge that can only be successfully managed by learning one very important skill – time management.

There are only 24 hours in a day and in order to really achieve your goal of earning a degree while still being a great parent, you must master this necessary skill.  This may sound simple, but any parent knows that at any given day a calm moment can turn into chaos. Take, for instance, juggling homework for multiple classes, taking care of a bruised knee and my favorite of all my stop my two kids because the arguing over what channel to watch, all while you’re trying to remember how to write this long informative speech paper, and taking online quiz.  Here are some helpful tips to mastering time management. Make a list of your priorities for the week.

This can be done by writing them on a calendar or simply writing them on a sheet of notebook paper and sticking it on the scrap board on your wall, but I know must people use the phone for almost everything now and day so put it the calendar on to use as reminder. And try your best to stick to the schedule that you have created as much as you can. Because there are times when we going to fall short of our goals, and if happen, make sure to continue in your best  effort.  Remember that you are only human. Have patience with yourself and ask for others to do the same.” According “Albert Einstein” Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” If make sure to follow these simple steps then  you well on your way to a successful management you time on earning a degree.

For Third point:

Now, this is where all those resources come very handy Our college has many learning skills that can be used for success of each student. As student, I am very familiar with using educational resources. A few of the resources I found extremely useful and flexible in the request that a student needs. One of the resource tools that I have found most beneficial in my learning process is the Writing center, the writing center offers a plagiarism and grammar checker. There, I can submit my writing materials to have them checked for plagiarism and grammar errors. I also used the grammar guide often. I believe that one of my biggest faults in writing is grammatical errors.

The writing center E also offers example papers, essay development, tutorials guide and writing manuals. There are also other resources such as, access course materials, course syllabus, student workshops, and visual and audio tutorials, math lab is a free drop -in for tutoring servicing answering question like solving equation, graphing, the answer questions , review materials for quizzes and test, provide test preparation and test taking tips and show you how to establish short and long term study goals.These tools can be found at campus for our college campus. They even have psychological assistance to help student whose coping with stress of everyday life.


For most student’s college can be demanding but knowing the right tools and skills will help overcome the fear. Building self-motivation, learning to responsibility, using your resources can all be techniques to succeed in college.

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