Shawshank Redemption vs Film Count of Monte Cristo

In the film Shawshank Redemption (SSR) the lead character Andy Defrense is accused of eliminating his wife and her enthusiast though he had no recollection of doing so and therefore he is wrongly accused and put behind bars. Nevertheless In the film The Count of Monte Cristo (CRC) Edmond Dantes, the protagonist is betrayed by his pals which subsequently leads him to be also wrongly implicated and imprisoned. After years of being put behind bars both males endured incredible amounts of physical and psychological suffering but still held a belief in the power of hope and flexibility.

The males in the movie suffered excellent amounts in jail, although the films were not set in the same period so one character did have a much more difficult time in captivity. The movie Shawshank Redemption was set in the 1940's so the character Andy Dufresne had more rights as a prisoner in his time. Andy Dufresne consumed mediocre food, he had the ability to interact with other prisoners which later became his friends and can gain other privileges depending on his behaviour.

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Whereas the film Count of Monte Cristo is embeded in the 1800's so the character Edmond Dantes suffered excellent quantities due to the fact that at that time he did not have really numerous rights.

He was fed exceptionally poor quality food through a window in the door, he was beat every year as a reminder of his imprisonment, and he was also kept in holding cell throughout his entire stay in the prison.

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In SSR Andy Dufrense is tossed into Shawshank Jail as a totally innocent guy. Before Andy was convicted he was living his life as an effective banker and Edmond Dantes in Countn of Monte Cristo was prospering as a sailor. The shift from the great life to the life of a prisoner was plainly frustrating for both Edward Dantes and Andy Dufrense.

The guys were content with their lives and succeeding in their profession's. The weight and discomfort that came along with the thoughts of their lives prior to they were founded guilty and knowing personally that they were innocent kept them identified to leave the jail. Both males had really strong hope during their suffering. The men both understood that they were innocent and that they deserved their flexibility. Edmond Dantes who was falsely incarcerated since of a jealous friend and Andy Dufrense who was convicted of murder, both strive to get vengeance on the individuals who did them wrong.

Although they are both looking to seek revenge it is two very different types the men are going after. Edmond seeks revenge after Fernand Mondego for betraying him, and accomplishes so by killing him. Whereas Andy Dufrense carried out his revenge towards the law enforcements, by escaping from prison. They were both successful with their revenge which led them to be very content. In Count of Monte Cristo Edmond Dantes was at a point where he could no longer handle the suffering, at that time a man named Abbe Busoni had mistakenly dug into Edmonds prison cell and from that moment Edmonds life had changed.

He was given a companion who helped him to reconnect with humanity. Abbe Busoni brought hope back for Edmond Dantes when he needed it most. In Shawshank Redemption Red, an exceptional character, helped Andy Dufrense through his difficult times. Having a friendship such as theirs which was so brotherly at his deepest point of loneliness helped Andy continue to believe in hope. The men planned their futures together with the hope of one day leaving prison. Without their friends the men would have been hopeless and lost for the rest of their lives.

The hope that their friends gave them was the engine to their success to freedom. Towards the beginning of Andy’s confinement in prison he asks Red, to get him a small pickaxe so he can secretly dig a tunnel out of the prison to escape. The tunnel that led out of the prison took Andy twenty years to dig but he was successful in the end. As for In Count of Monte Cristo when the Priest convinces Edmond help him dig a tunnel to the outside of the prison and in return give him the basic knowledge he needs to execute his plan for revenge.

This works out very well for Edmond because he not only had someone to keep him company and educate him but also a way out of the prison. Edmond Dantes from Counte of Monte Cristo and Andy Dufrense from Shawshank Redemption both showed through their actions, that through the toughest times if you keep a goal it can be reached. Both men were faced with very tough circumstances but through it all they kept the power of hope and accomplished want they hoped for, freedom.

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