Self Confidence and Motivation

According to Barbara, (2018), Self- Confidence can build your motivation and you will easily do the job that you will do. And It can be your great motivation. In addition she said that there are different five key reward of self-confidence like less fear and anxiety, greater motivation, more resilience; improve relationships and lastly the stronger sense of your authentic self.

Confidence is believing in yourself. Confidence can change throughout your life and across different areas of your life. It can be also can motivate other person by your confidence through your feelings, actions and experiences in life.

In additional you can capable to do or to complete your task (Hailes,2017).

According to Hillman, (2018). 49 unemployed subjects in one week functional skills training program in the mid-east region in the U.S. for them to measured there self-confidence to their job interview to find out that the level of their self-confidence.

According to Tridinanti, (2018). Speaking in a foreign language can be influenced by such psychological aspect as anxiety and self-confidence.

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They conducted a policy that the student can speak only in a English word when a teacher start talking to them. In addition its says that this kind of a policy can improved their self-confidence thru talking to someone in English and they can answer it in easier.

According to Osta, (2017). The relationship between individual academics success, motivation and self-confidence and self-efficacy levels cannot be ignored. The study aim to develop and test theoretical model, considering the relationship between academics motivation, self-confidence level in transition from middle school to high school.

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Theoretical model was tested in 9th grade students who received education in Sivas province during 2015-2016 academic year. The result of study revealed a direct a relationship between student intrinsic self-confidence variable of motivation and starting not giving up and sustain. There is direct correlation between the motivation variable of starting, not giving up and sustain. Motivation found significant between intrinsic self-confidence variable abd starting not giving up and sustaining, as well as between intrinsic self-confidence and starting, not giving up and sustaining.

According to Fuad, Alfin, Fauzan, Astulik, and Prahani (2019). Groups Science Learning (GSL) is collaborative problem solving based learning by design to improved collaborative problem solving skill, science process skills, and self-confidence of primary schools teacher candidates.

According to Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) wellness hub can gain your physical body to be in a good condition and its said here that there is different types of element of physical wellness and we should know how to balance our self when its comes in physical activity.

In additional being a physical active is a crucial to be in a top condition the benefits of it is like strengthen your muscles and it will reduces stroke and it will gain a energy. (SHCS)

Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) Stated that; Emotional wellness inspires self-care, relaxation, stress reduction and the development of inner strength.

It is important to be attentive to both positive and negative feelings and be able to understand how to handle these emotions. Wellness is very important to emotional because it will give you an easy to decide on what emotion or feelings you act to response to those feelings and you will understand how to handle these kind of emotional. Emotional is one of the sensitive because it includes the ability to learn and grow from experience. It is most important in part of overall wellness.

According to Dawes, (2018). The Health insurer has launched the Digital Wellness Hub for it members Grand Rapid offers to a personalized online health and wellness. The free Wellbeing Hub is intended to help the members get and stay theirs health, there are two focuses areas of the experience, the chronic disease management and targeted programs based on individual members health and wellness interest. “Priority Health continuously looks for ways to provide members with simple, intuitive tools to help them monitor and improve their health” Lolli said.

Different approach with wellness with doing together of Wellbeing Hub, that use predictive analysis to evolve the member’s experience, to becomes customized. The free programs offered by Priority Health such as weight management, smoking cessation, nutrition, medication, therapy management, financial well being, stress and conditions. Wellbeing Hub members it can be support as they work and health.

According to KYW Newsradio, (2017). Drexel University helping with Lazarex Cancer Foundation to establish community IMPACT, the program will be help to reduce the cancer in community of Philadelphia. The program start in West Philadelphia neighborhood. The project will involve Dornsife school of Public Health, college of nursing and health profession. The college Medicine aims to combine the public health qualitative and quantitative assessment and research methods together with grassroots to engage the communities that we not invited to make their own decisions for health care.

According to Ingeno, (2017). Community Wellness HUB is a place-based, community driven. Collaborating with the promotion Drexel University and the resident of mantua and powelton village. Have searching for heal the community between the prevention of unite the community to health services and health education programming, while tackling the social deteminance that underlie their health disparities.

Updated: Jun 10, 2021
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