Saving the Life of an Old Lady Essay

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Saving the Life of an Old Lady

I alighted the bus and quickened my pace for home. The intense of heat was unbearable, so I decided to take a short cut home, a path along the monsoon drain . Hardly five minutes of walking, I suddenly heard someone shouting for help, coming from inside the drain. I took a look and saw an old lady, probably had fallen into it. She was bedraggled and was shivering. She look at me imploringly, gritting her teeth, presumably in pain. Only when I had her pulled out of the drain that I realized the injuries she sustained, a deep out below her right knee and a broken right arm.

The old lady then groaning in pain and shivering violently. She looked pale from lost of blood and I could not bear to see her suffering. I decided to carry her to the main road. Fortunately, she was small in size, so I had no difficulty in carrying her. By the time I reached the main road, she had passed out. I waved vehemently to the passing vehicles, luckily not long after that, a blue van pulled up and agreed to rush us to the hospital. Realizing the critical situation the woman was in, the van driver stepped on the accelerator, beat the almost red traffic light and overtook other vehicles at the double line.

Finally, we reached the hospital and the woman was immediately wheeled to the emergency ward. I thanked the driver fervently and waited sympathetically for the lady. ‘Doesn’t she have a child or a next-of-kin? ’I asked myself. I dashed to the emergency room and was granted permission to enter. On the narrow hospital bed, the woman was given oxygen through the mask she was wearing. The doctor had given her nine stitches for the cut under her knee. I was told by the doctor that her condition was stable and I should leave her to rest.

Suddenly, a young woman stormed into the room and started calling ‘Mom! Mom! The doctor explained her mother’s stable condition to her and that I was the man who brought her Mom to the hospital. I offered her my handkerchief. She took it and dabbed her tearful eyes. We both then left the room. When we seated outside, she related that she and her mother were involved in a heated argument. Consequently, her mother had planned including going back to Singapura and getting married to a fifty-year old businessman. I left the place and hoped everything was fine for both of them. I really felt good, first, for helping the old woman to get to the hospital and secondly, for getting her daughter to agree to her plans.

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