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My argument is that, the film Run Lola run , is unique in the fact that its different then other action oriented movies. Even in today’s film industry, we have been socially conditioned to accept the fact, that the male figure is the dominant force. He is presented as being in control, and always overcomes his fear through mainly his own actions. However, in this film, the opposite effect is presented, were Manny the male figure is in trouble and asking Lola his girlfriend for help.

. He calls Lola freaking out and nervous about forgetting the drug money on the train.

If the money is not given to his handler in twenty minutes he will die. The phone booth that Manney is calling from is positioned behind a spiral. This spinning spiral can be seen as a hypnotizing force, emphasizing even more that manney is confused, in a trance, and hopeless. The voice that is calming him down and reassuring everything will work out is Lola.

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Her voice sounds calming and assertive, going over the options they have in order to get him out the current troublesome situation.

By looking at Lola’s red hair she is presented as an aggressive, courageous , and passionate fighter. This can be seen by the risks she takes in rescuing Manny in all three versions of the film. The robbing of the bank, gambling at the casino, and helping Manny rob the supermarket, shows her as going to any length in order to save Manny.

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Her determination is shown as she never stops running till she finds or makes the one hundred thousand dollars for Manny. The non-stop techno beat guides the pace of her running.

Through her continuous running she is seen as having control of the situation, basically dictating the tempo. The traffic moves with her every time she runs. The only time traffic ceases to exist is when Lola stops running. In this case the streets can be seen from a birds eye view as being completely deserted. The notion of the public being social conditioned to accept that male figure as the center of action, and dominance can be seen in the second version of Run Lola run.

In this version, Lola robs her dad’s bank and steps outside to find the swat team surrounding the bank. Instead of arresting her, the police suspect a male figure is holding up the bank and let her go immediately- no questions asked. In conclusion, Lola through her determination and courage takes the characteristics of a role usually reserved for a male figure. She single handily saves and gives Manny hope through her various actions in the three versions of the film. These actions help break the common norm that Lola’s role is for male actors only.

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