Reviewing The Obligations Of Blue Collar Workers In Blue Collar Brilliance

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If there is anything to take away from Mike Roses' “Blue Collar Brilliance” it is that a workplace can harold education and intelligence for learning by using personal stories, pathos and logos, and counterarguments. A point that he iterates tirelessly through his piece is that education should be valued on all accounts, no matter whether its from formal education or life education.

As a matter of fact, he starts his story straight off the bat using one of the three rhetorical approaches, which in this case is ethos.

Ethos by a writer is used by creating a sense of credibility and trustworthiness, and Mike does this by jumping into a story about being raised in Los Angeles by his blue-collar hard-working mother and how she used skills such a memory and coordination in order for her to be a successful waitress. These were skills acquired by her job and socialization, as opposed to a school. This is a great use of ethos because it quickly establishes with the audience that he has the first-hand experience with someone who doesn't have the formal education to back it, but the world experience covers.

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“...The restaurant became the place where she studied human behavior, puzzling over the problem the world of adults,... a place where competence was synonymous with physical work”

Another example of a writer who has successfully applied rhetoric appeals in a writing is a writer who knows how to address a counter-argument, and use that as a tool to not bash the opposing view, but instead analyzes and deconstructs it to further aid their point.

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Starting in paragraph 9, Rose mentions opposing views when the details “assumptions” about the incomparability of smarts between white collars and blue collars. He brings attention to the fact that indeed that some of the uses of writing that occur in blue-collar work “are abbreviated, routine, and repetitive, and they infrequently require interpretation or analysis.” Nonetheless, when in the type of environment where being legible and formal in all stances are not required, neither should the expectations of the workers. A big part of his essay is mediated on the “here is what they are saying,” argument that blue-collar workers are not intelligent, and to combat this-he narrows out the ways in which perusers may accept that he is giving to much credit to thelanguage errands of blue-collar jobs.

Lastly, Mike Rose’s background as a professor and credentials helps him establish his know about him specific and walks what he talks. Being a research professor in specific, Rose has the ability to use his background as a solid defense against counter-arguments.,

“I studied the humanities and later the social and psychological science”

“…Then I went lower back to graduate college to study schooling and cognitive psychology and subsequently grew to be a school member in a faculty of education” (246-247).

Rose got significant ability within the course of his instructional exercise a long time. He especially spent a lot of his undergrad years studying human behavior and psyche, as we can presume was guided by his mother and uncle, which in turn was used as a foundation for the analysis of his own family who continued a lifestyle of the typical blue-collar family. Mike is not one to shy away from using his childhood and family life as examples of spinning it's not about what you have, it about what you do with it, in order to coincide with his teaching.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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