Review of Related Literature and Studies in Event Management

What is Event Management?

“In the fast moving world of events with perhaps ever decreasing planning time, shorter lead in time and a more competitive environment it is vital that organizations utilize and maximize all their resources efficiently and effectively and manage and control their time management.” [1]

“Event Management typically involves identification of target audience, devising a concept, plan logistics as well as coordinate and execute modalities of an event.” [2]

The Importance of an Event Management for a Successful Company Event Management is a system that plays a significant role for teachers, employees, office workers, business owners even for an ordinary citizen.

For everyone, a day is considered a success when all the activities are well done. Planning your activities ahead of time and balancing your time between schooling or work, family, and your personal businesses are not simple tasks. There is need for time management. In those simple things in life we use the term MANAGEMENT.

Managing for corporate events can be certainly stressful and challenging at times but with the help of this system software, you are assured that your events will be successful.

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“The difference between good events and great events is tight execution on marketing, automation of administrative tasks, and good management of the events. The software is easy-to-use, is a powerful registration tool and is designed to help meeting planners set up custom events online”. [3]

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

“Without doubt the leading IDE for Windows developers: the Microsoft’s Visual Studio, is a well-established and much used package that can be used to design, compile, test, debug and deploy Windows, Web and mobile applications using a variety of industry standard programming languages.

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MVS 2010 is a major upgrade in functionality and capability from its predecessor. The Developers and or programmers and testers will all find areas where the new version can make their jobs faster and easier. It has new features, and tested performance, capability, value, documentation and ease of development.

Visual Studio 2010 runs on all versions of Windows since XP with SP3. In system proposed, MVS 2010 programs and codes run in OS from Windows 7 (wherein the system was developed) and above. “It contains a long list of innovations and improvements, not the least of which is full support for multiple monitors. The full kit takes up more than seven gigabytes on the hard drive, and installing it is very easy, almost a one-click process as it loads the dozens of supporting tools and interfaces.”[5] It is good that MVS 2010 is flexible and supports OS like, Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Visual Studio dubbed as the Programmer’s Best friend.
For the developers of Online Event Management System, Visual Studio is their best friend indeed. From the very start, it is the Visual Studio where the developers are comfortable in using to work on programs and system projects. The programmer’s number 1 enemies are the errors in their codes. It is good that MVS 2010 has the ability to locate and has the easiest way to debug errors. And one of its new features is the improved code editor and has hierarchy viewer.


There is a system called mojo
Portalwhichrecommended ASP.Net in making a system. The portal itself provided documentation and hosting requirements “mojoPortal content management system requires ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 or higher and a database. If possible use .NET 4.5 hosting for best results. There are numerous hosting providers which offer ASP.NET hosting and mojoportal should work fine at most of them. We recommend a few hosting providers on our hosting partners page that we know to be very reliable for hosting mojoPortal.”[6] C#

ASP Content Management 1.I is open-source system solution built in and based on ASP recommended that using C# as a programming language it is “Very easy to setup and use.”[7]. “The programming language C# was built with the future of application development in mind. Pursuing that vision, C#’s designers succeeded in creating a safe, simple, componentbased, high-performance language that works effectively with Microsoft’s .NET Framework. Now the favored language among those programming for the Microsoft platform, C# continues to grow in popularity as more developers discover its strength and flexibility. And, from the start, C# developers have relied on Programming C# both as an introduction to the language and a means of further buildingtheir skills.”


A book published by O’Reilly Media and written by Jesse Liberty discussed about the introduction and description about programming language C#. Microsoft SQL Server

And there is a study conducted by the Edison Group, Inc.; The Comparative Management Cost Study says that the Microsoft SQL Server “supports the needs of a wide variety of customer applications, ranging from small through medium to large businesses, which need the capabilities of a state-of-the-art database management system. This past decade has seen the growth of these database systems in capability, functionality, and scalability. Keeping up with this growth without increasing manageability costs is seen by analysts as a critical factor in the continuing success of these systems.” [10]

Why SQL Server?

A blog entitled Benefits of Microsoft SQL Server written by Brian Sweat stated that “Microsoft SQL Server is a very stable, fast, extremely popular and affordable database engine. There is a tremendous amount of support and resources available on the web and from Information Technology (IT) providers. Plus, it’s relatively easy to work with.”[11] Here are some reasons why you should choose SQL Server based to company, Microsoft: “Microsoft DBAs run more mission critical databases, when compared to Oracle databases. SQL Server enables 1 million commands per second, the most secureof any of the major database platform, scales to 250 million subscribers, and delivers a 460% difference in annual cost of administration per database over Oracle. Microsoft recognized as a leader in Business Intelligence and a leader in Data Warehousing by Gartner”. [12]

Other informative reasons why to choose SQL server was discussed in Express Technology Innovative Solution and one of the questions asked is here. What are the advantages of Microsoft SQL Server over Access? And it answered; “the main benefits of SQL Server over Access are improved reliability, better performance, reduced network traffic and increased scalability.” [13]

The Online Event Management System, one of its major functionality is that users are able to update, delete, and retrieve data and it will only be possible by the help of company system’s database. Many companies use Structured Query Language (SQL) servers to manage their company’s collection of information. A database server is a computer that stores the data and serves information to a user’s computer when they request it, and will be easier if the user’s stored data can be accessed directly to the database and this is what SQL Server 2008 cando. A commentator, eHow Contributor and a blogger Ms. Anni Martin praised MS SQL Server product and here are some of her words in her blog entitled The Advantages of SQL Server 2008, “One advantage to installing a SQL server system is you are joining a growing Microsoft SQL server community.”[14]

And also found in her blog are words from a Database Journal writer, Don Schlichting SQL server 2008 defined as it “can be used together to troubleshoot, monitor and tune your system to prevent problems that lead to system crashes.”[15]MS SQL Server 2008 was once tackled in an article of Elizabeth Montalbano and she described it as “SQL Server 2008 Web is designed for hosting companies, providing the tools necessary to support low-cost, largescale, highly available web applications or hosting environments, according to Microsoft.” [16 “Katmai (MS SQL Server 2008) will include the Microsoft Visual Studio integrated development environment and .Net Framework, which will let developers build new applications with a higher level of data abstraction and synchronized data from virtually any device to the central data store.

SQL Server Katmai can be used to manage any type of data, including relational data, documents, geographic information and XML.”[17] Microsoft said. Ted Kummert, the corporate vice president at Microsoft confidently stated that they “developed SQL Server with the goal of providing a data management and analysis platform for all companies, regardless of size or budget.” [18]

SMS now-a-days is experiencing very rapid growth not only in our community but worldwide. Ms. Jennifer Hord, a verdict and a writer discussed a little about SMS in one of her blog it says “SMS is a method of communication that sends text between cell phones, or from a PC or handheld to a cell phone. Even if you are not talking on your cell phone, your phone is constantly sending and receiving information. It is talking to its cell phone tower over a pathway called a control channel. The reason for this chatter is so that the cell phone system knows which cell your phone is in, and so that your phone can change cells as you move around. Every so often, your phone and the tower will exchange a packet of data that lets both of them know that everything is OK. Your phone also uses the control channel for call setup.” [23]

Nowadays, dealing with our daily transactions in life is easier and faster than before. You can buy things with just one click, can eat without hustle in going to restaurants, can watch movie or concerts without difficulty in pushing with crowds to fall in line and buy tickets: there is Eventzilla “an affordable online event registration and ticketing software, where it has no downloads requirement, no set up fees and no programming knowledge to create event registration website.”[13]. Almost all of our necessities can now be easily provided by the help of technologies.

Online transactions help everyone work easier. An online system-software that capable in managing and reserve meeting rooms, specify technical services per events, has a calendar system, allows to collect relevant information of attendees and monitor their number are just sample of duties of an online event management system. “Having an Online EMS is much more effective based on the study conducted by the developer of Cvent the world’s largest meetings and event management technology company and has 1,200 employees worldwide and offers web-based software for online event registration, meeting site selection, event management, mobile apps for events, e-mail marketing and web surveys, and helps more than 10,000 clients in 90 countries manage hundreds of thousands of events, surveys and e-mail campaigns.”[14]. “By automating the event management processes, our software enables you to focus your time on strategic decisions rather than repetitive, time consuming tasks.”[15]This OEMS has a big role for every member of businesses lined in event planning companies, school, and universities, and so on.

In Schools or Universities, “it will show curricular and non-curricular activities and events including academic calendar, admissions and tours, news, alumni events, athletics, conferences/workshops, exhibits, and many more.”[16][17][18]

Online Event Management System with Payment Reports

Payment Reports for an online system is rarely used. The uniqueness to this is the security that developers provided exclusive only for the Client Company or School. One of the examples of Government Offices in Philippines having a system alike with OEMS with Payment Reports is the PhilHealth e-Pay. The office was able to track the payment of their employers because of this payment report system. Once their employer paid to their partner bank it will directly send a report to the office of PhilHealth. “PhilHealth e- Pay is an online payment facility wherein the employers can pay their PHILHEALTH premiums online thru the e-payment facility of the Union Bank and Security Bank.

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