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Laura Fortman works for the American government and is believes in equal rights to education and employment. She is a candidate for Maine’s district 13 senate. Bangor Daily News is Maine’s largest online news source and has been around for almost 120 years. “How Maine can better prepare students for good jobs." Fortman, Laura. (2018, Oct). This article discussed establishing career pathways in high school. She discussed how students should be given information about the labor market and opportunities in high school and not wait until they graduate.

Counselors having career websites, course scheduling, and group counseling can help push students towards both their academic and career related goals. It then spoke about how high school students are making misinformed decisions because of the current practices of the high school counselors. Many are not trained in career readiness and focus solely on academic success.

This gave me an idea of what different areas are doing in terms on counseling. It also showed me how important career counseling is and not just academic.

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It informed me of how I can write my research paper and focus on the lack of career preparation that happens in high school. After reading this, I want to find out more information on courses in high school and their impact on career readiness.

Haertel, Ed. F.M. [StanfordCEPA]. (2014). Ed Haertel on college and career readiness

Ed Haertel is a faculty at Stanford's graduate school of Education who researches educational policy and academic assessment. This video was from Stanford's CEPA which is the Center for Education Policy Analysis.

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CEPA is a large research organization that understands data in the context of education. They find solutions to issues in education guided by their research.

Ed Haertel spoke about how more goes into success in college readiness rather than life skills like time management. He said that the college readiness is in good shape but the career readiness is a bit of a challenge because of the diversity of experiences that happen to students at a high school level. His solution is to allow for that diversity and create career paths for the wide array of interests. Another problem that he mentions is carelessness in both counselors and students. Some career paths are shown to be easier than others and students choose to take this route. We should make use of measures at a school level and find a way to reach out to the students and present opportunities to them.

This aided my research to give me an idea of how career readiness is being analyzed. I learned the different measures that are being used to understand the issue at hand. I understand a bit more about what counselors could work more on. There is a solution being given which is a great asset to my understanding of next steps. I have developed a clearer idea for my topic proposal after this.

Ireh, M. (1999). Career Development Theories and Their Implications for High School Career

Guidance and Counseling. The High School Journal, 83(2), 28-40.

Dr. Maduakolam Ireh has a Ph.D. in Educational Administration and Supervision from Bowling Green State University. He researches teacher preparedness and professional development. He has published many articles about this topic that he has brought to different conferences around the world.

The author speaks about high school students being overwhelmed about career decisions being brought up to students at this pivotal age of their life. The idea of “self concept” can be brought up and maintained during this time in their lives when there is instability understanding where they belong in the world. It points out that the reason for many counselors being frustrated is because of the lack of understanding career development models. There are diverse needs from the students which is what brings down the confidence of many counselors regarding career pathways. He spoke about different theories including Trait and Factor Theory and Theory of Occupational Choice and theories about self-concept which explained personality and how it ties into decision making. He mentions how knowledge of these subjects can help high school counselors identify goals of the student and tend to their needs.

This article taught me what the goals of counselors should be and how they should interpret the goals of the students to further their career goals. Applying these career development theories is a way that counselors can move forward. This led me to a greater understanding of any limitations that school counselors might be going through. I have a sense of understanding about why so many students feel lost and confused and have to resources. Since this source is a bit dated, I could use this as a foundation of my research and speak about how years later, the problem he wrote about is still occuring.

Natalie Stipanovic, Sam Stringfield & Eric Witherell. (2017). The Influence of a Career

Pathways Model and Career Counseling on Students' Career and Academic Self-Efficacy, Peabody Journal of Education, 92:2, 209-221.

The Peabody Journal of Education publishes literature in the areas of both education and human development. Natalie Stipanovic is an Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology and Counselor Education at the University of Northern Colorado. The three co-authors are the perfect team for this specific study.

The article speaks about career and academic perception of success for high school students. The method used to conduct this survey was interviewing students of a random sample in South Carolina about major related questions and effort/motivation in school. The transcripts showed they were more willing to meet academic challenges when a career plan was in the works. Many new career pathway counseling opportunities have been brought up for students and this has become a great way to prepare for college and career.

This really helped aid my research to see that choosing a career major with the help of counseling services can make students feel more able to take on difficult coursework. Blending academic and career related coursework is the way this model is being developed. Consistent or inconsistent counseling patterns have shown to directly relate to preparedness of career related decisions. This helps my topic proposal and makes me want to focus specifically about major decision making and how counselors are able to assist in this. I want to use this source when describing the root of the problem.

Symonds, William C. (2012). Pathways to Prosperity. Educational Leadership, 69(7), 35–39.

William Symonds is the director of Pathways to Prosperity which is a project to prepare young adults for success and is based at Harvard school of Education. He is also Business Week’s chief education correspondent and wrote about school reform. Educational Leadership is a magazine for educators from leaders in different subject areas.

This article spoke about students preparing for post high school life which could be either college or career and talked about actions and challenges from a project called Pathways to Prosperity. The actions include influencing students to choose a pathway, providing counseling step-by-step help, and changing the culture around of the school system by including career education in later high school years. Encouraging innovation can also help students stay creative and build a liking towards a certain career. He notes that classroom settings may not be the most practical for everyone and having volunteer or intern experience can be helpful.

This article was very beneficial because it brought together my thoughts for most of the other sources. It talked about how to go about the issue in a way I have not thought about. A pathway is a great idea and something that they have been working towards for many years now. That is the reason that there are career centers in many schools include the school whose counselor I am interviewing. This gave a great idea and my next step would be to see if schools are implementing it.

Wright, T. (Ed.). (2018). California Career Center User's Guide. Retrieved from

This is a source I found while on the website of California’s Department on Education career counseling page. It is a career planning and exploration for both high school and middle school students. It is a virtual counselor that can find resources tailored to the interests of the students. Many contributors go into California’s Career Center including Tanya Wright from the California Department of Education.

In this day and age, students are online more and at times do not seek out help from a counselor. So it is a way to plan your career at your own time. It also includes links for courses required college admission. It includes lesson plans for educators to look at and apply in their schools. During this very technological time, this resource gives great tools to both educator and student which can achieve the goals of both parties. It has options such as career options, money management, educational training, and more. These all help in assisting students towards their goals.

This was great for my research because it showed me an alternate path that schools and students can take when career planning. Counselors can even post this link on the school websites to give students this opportunity. It showed importance of timely information that can be useful to students. This is something I want to implement into schools as a policy change. 

Updated: Apr 30, 2022
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