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Social Learning Theory
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Introduction This paper introduces one of the many theoretical orientations, “Social Learning Theory. ” This theory is known as the most influential learning theories and was formulated by Albert Bandura. This paper discusses cognitive learning and various theories on career counseling. In addition, how social learning theory is applied in career guidance; describing how individuals are influenced by many factors contextual, learning, and genetic endowments. Concentrating on how learning experiences can expand on the range of individual’s occupations choices. Based…...
Career CounselingLearningMotivationObservational LearningSocial Learning Theory
A Close up Look at the Selection Process
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Pages • 20
The Selection Process is a systematic series of events, which results in an organization making a selection from a group of applicants. The group of applicants usually consists of individuals who best meet the selection criteria for the position available. A lot of people graduating from college will most certainly ask themselves, "just what's involved in the selection process from a HR managers perspective, or referred to in most cases as the interviewer. " Lets take a look at the…...
Career CounselingEmploymentProcess Selection
The Challenges of Counseling in a Multicultural Society
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Pages • 14
Rise of the Multicultural Society Growth of multiculturalism is not limited to any country in particular but is fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon with the rapid onslaught of globalization. As a result, cultures from various parts of the world are often found existing together in the same geographic location. Culture encompasses a wide variety of constituents and may even determine morality and law. “Culture […] is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and any other…...
Career CounselingMulticulturalismSociety
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Learning Theory of Career Counseling
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The original theory (Krumboltz et al, 1976, Mitchell & Krumboltz, 1990), known as Career decision making social learning theory has recently been improved to the learning theory of career counseling (Krumboltz and Mitchell, 1996). The latest version tries to combine realistic ideas, research, and procedures to offer one hypothesis that goes beyond an explanation of why individuals hunt for various jobs. Most recently, Krumboltz developed and integrated thoughts about the function of chance when it comes to career decision making.…...
Career CounselingLearningPsychologyScienceSocial Learning TheoryTheory
Preparing A Career Development Plan
Words • 291
Pages • 2
1. What are some of the possible reasons Scott did not seek or receive advice from her immediate supervisor? Some of the possible reasons Scott did not seek or receive advice from her immediate supervisor are because of the work relation with them. When you look for help and advice it can be hard at times to go to a person who is your boss and in charge of you. Most of the times the work relationships between a worker…...
BossCareer CounselingCareer planningWorld Wide Web
Closing a Person Centred Counselling Session
Words • 349
Pages • 2
Explain the Importance of Closing a Session Each counselling session is likely to be emotive which will leave the client vulnerable to the outside world of the counselling room. Since some difficult topics are likely to be discussed and the client is likely to express a variety of emotions, it can be hard to bring a session to an end. Sometimes it can feel that the timing of the endings is insensitive to the clients needs. It is extremely important…...
Career CounselingCommunication ProcessConsciousnessDiscriminationEmotionGender
History of the Guidance Movement
Words • 836
Pages • 4
Career counseling was first introduced in the early 1900 as vocational counseling it was used as a means to end poverty during the time when society was in uproar over a demising economy. “This new profession was described by historians as a “progressive social reform movement aimed at eradicating poverty and substandard living conditions spawned by the rapid industrialization and consequent migration of people to major urban centers at the turn of the 20th century (Whiteley, 1984, p. 2).” During…...
Career CounselingHistoryVocation
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