Pakistan and multiparty democratic system











SESSION 2018-2019


Pakistan has multiparty democratic system. It’s a system where multi political parties take part in general elections. Each party has its own views, and ideologies. Nearly all those countries which have adopted this multiparty system have mostly coalition government. It means that many parties are in control, and they all work together to make laws.

Political parties are the blood and flesh of a political system. The success and failure and strength and weakness of a political structure is associated with the political party system.

Giovanni Sartori recommended a technique to characterize the ideological group frameworks based on number of viable ideological groups. So in this way there is three main and primary political parties system. i.e Uni- party system, Bi-party system and Multi-party system.

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Every framework has its very own qualities and points of interest alongside with its demerits. In Uni-party framework a solitary ruling party is ensured by the constitution to oversee. In Bi-party framework two noteworthy parties play this game of politics, make governments and openly without the assistance of other. Multi-party framework as Sartori characterizes is one where no such political party can ensure a flat out lion’s share. Governments are alliance based. Around 7 to 10 gatherings contend with one another and speak to various intrigue gatherings. Yet, in certain nations the number may shift from tens to hundreds.

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In Pakistan 333 political parties are enrolled with Election Commission of Pakistan. Why such a major number of Political gatherings in a nation of only 217 million individuals? Why this degree of Multipartism in Pakistan? Is this the indication of actual majority government? For what reason do we not host Uni-get-together or Bi-party framework? Why Multi-party framework in Pakistan? The response to every one of these inquiries is same and its foundations lie in the historical backdrop of our social, political and social change. If we look our history when pakiatan came into being there was just one main political party which had struggle for Pakistan that was Muslim league, and Quaid -e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the leader of this political party. Although we had small religious groups and Bacha Khan Khudai Khidmatgar party, but no any other such main political party. Except of some religious groups, all other people were under the umbrella of the Muslim league. But the whole scenario changed when the first constitution was drafted and it decaled that Urdu should be the official language of Pakistan. So the then the up rise started in East Pakistan that due to the numerical majority Bengali should be the official language of Pakistan. Religious riots also started in different places of countries and criticizing the constitution and also members of national assembly that not declaring fully Quran as supreme law of Pakistan and Pakistan as a pure Islamic country. Although quaid visited east apakistan resolves the issue and also declared begalii as the official langugaue of east apkiatan, and also changed the provision of constitution reagarding Islamic sharih ,so pakian decalred as isalim satae but the upris of these had started and there were also personality chlashes had arised. Whenever our leader was ruling so these riots were not so active but after the demise of the Quaid- a- Azam and then the assassination of Liaqat Ali khan, all these upsurges took the active shape and the whole country were under the chaos. So after the frequent change of Prime ministers and then the dissolution of national assembly the upsurge were on the peak so in this chaos moment the army chief fill the remaining spaces and when Iskandar mirza dissolved the whole cabinet and decaled Marshal Law, and then General Ayub Khan became first uniformed military chief and Martial Law Adminitrater .it was the first time when the Armyd took part ine the actice politics of the country,and took the charge of the whole country.This first coup followed by a long political instability in which the Pakistan’s dominant political party Muslim league was unable to govern successfully. Because power was in the hand of iron, and policies were also on shared basis. So for the solution of mismanagement political turmoil amd instability this martial law was impsed but inveersaly suspensioning of the constitiution .ban on media manipulation and prppagand against parties.outlawed all the political aprties, and elected politicians ,suspension of funfdamental rights such as right to assembly and expression peole wrer distrusted and started agitation and made different faction and political ghathering.So then the remaining space was filled when presidential system was establied by ayun khan and he indulged many of his army collleage in ht e policital adminstartion ,so at the very first military entered in the in the politics of the country by which situation turn from bad to worse. So after the srcit marshral law and

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