Energy Drink Argumentative

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Energy-providing beverages

Primarily, people drink energy-providing beverages to regain strength they had lost from their previous activity. Other people enjoy energy drinks for the sake of these drinks could revitalize their bodies and give them mental alertness and great physical performance. But these drinks do not only provide the basic nutrients and ingredients they are supposed to give as printed in their labels. Drinking energy drinks at a very young age is not advisable as it may cause serious illness in the future.

These side effects to young consumers could be traced by examining the energy drinks’ content, the moderation of how it was taken, the age group that the consumer belong to and their effects to the body. Energy Drinks are mistakenly perceived as part of the teens’ lives for the reason that these young people are really active and full of vigor that they need something that would supply and replenish all the energy they have lost after a day’s hard work.

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Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks may really supply the nutrients and energy that we need but too much use of it may cause several side effects to the body. Some energy drinks contain high amount of caffeine and sugar, an instance that are too way harmful for young consumers. Some experts say that although energy drinks often suggests big promises for the body, there is a profound truth with a large amount of evidence showing that besides increasing one’s alertness (the main reason why people take energy drink) is the silent fact that these energy drinks also provide the consumers a stiff dose of sugar and caffeine.

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Supervision is Important I really think that young customers suffer from bad effects of energy drinks. There are a lot of energy drinks whose contents are advisable for adults only and with the teens and kids using it, they may acquire physical and mental side effects from its ingredients. Energy drinks should be taken moderately or should be consumed under the supervision of an adult or a doctor.

Regular intake of these beverages may produce toxic elements harmful to their young bodies and cause abnormalities such as palpitation, sweating or worse an illness. A growing concern from parents and health experts alike mean this issue must be taken seriously. Like them, I am concerned about these things and that these things interest me. This is because the teenagers of today will be our future. They must be aware of things that can cause adverse effects to their health, such as the side effects they can get from drinking energy drinks. Topic Resources

Aside from the fact that Energy drinks may cause abnormalities to the young consumers, it may also come across with the possibility that drinking too much beverages like these may result into having addictive behaviors and being violent. The book entitled ”Substance Abuse” by Langrod and company, may support facts about substance abuse and insights of experts about the causes and effects of drinking energy beverages within moderation. Another book that may come handy as reference about this subject matter is the book of Barry Smith and his co-contributors Uma Gupta and B. S.

Gupta (with the comprehensive research and reviews of some leading experts) entitled “Caffeine and Activation Theory” that contains information about potential pathological effects of caffeine, scientific treatments of the effects and the possible areas that let a person acquire caffeine with or without his notice.


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Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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