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Mom is an energy beverage marketed to Australians and New Zealanders by Coca-Cola. Mother was introduced in late 2006 to contend with the two leading energy drinks on the marketplace, V and Red Bull, which then controlled the $151 million industry and accounted for 94% of sales. Mom stayed unaltered on the market for 18 months. Reports emerged in mid-2008 that Coca-Cola had carried out extensive market research to re-evaluate Mother after it failed to equivalent or surpass the popularity of V or Red Bull due to the majority of consumers reporting the original formula to be distasteful.

Coca-Cola modified the formulation with regard to taste and resolved consumer dissatisfaction in regards to the ungenerous standard 250 mL can by doubling the size to 500 mL without impact on expense, thus going beyond V and Red Bull which stayed 250 ml. Objective declaration The objective of Coca-Cola Company is very easy and clear which is to provide services and products that satisfy the drink and organisation needs of customers and customers.

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In doing so, they will offer sound and satisfying company opportunities and benefits for consumers, suppliers, distributors and neighborhoods. Vision statement

In the short-term, Coca-Cola will offer the greatest quality to their customers and business collaborations and worth the work complete satisfaction and lifestyle of each associate. In the long-lasting, Coca-Cola will meet shareholder requirements by accomplishing sustainable development, and moreover, they wish to reinforce relationships with the community and their responsibility to the environment Objectives In term of products, Coca-Cola Company is trying to innovate with natural sweeteners, which have the possible to lower calories per serving, and they will likewise continue developing items strengthened with additional nutrients to fulfill international customer needs.

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Marketing overview Market category The launch of Mother Green Storm will be accompanied by an integrated marketing communications campaign, including sampling and social media. Mother Green Storm will be available in three pack sizes: 250mL, 500mL and 4 x 250mL. The new flavor will be available at supermarkets, grocery stores, corner stores and petrol stations Australia-wide. Market size The size of energy drinks market: According to this Statistics, energy drinks only hold 1% of shares in the drinks market. Market potential Mother energy drink will reach 20 percent market share of the total energy marketing share.

Marketing structure Because there are lot of energy drink in the marketing such as red bull, monster, rock star, and amp and so on so this marketing is competitive. Trend 1. 1. Economic With the development of worldwide economy, more young people can afford to drink energy. More and more care about their heather, so they will pay more money for their drinking. 5. 2 Technology Energy drink is not like normal drink, it have many trace elements to replenish people which they loss. That need high technology to make it, the higher technology the better effect. Competitor analysis.

As a famous energy drink company, Mother is a drink company marketed to Australia and New Zealand by Coca-Cola. Mother has several considerable competitors. The competitors could be classified as direct and indirect competitor. The direct competitor is like the monster, red bull, rock star and amp. The indirect competitors are like some vitamin water, sports water and coffee, which are has the similar effect as energy drink. For comparison, red bull is considered to be the most competitive energy drink. It is one of the most popular energy drink brand in the world and it is effective work.

The other competitor is amp energy, which is belongs to Pepsi company. Strengths and weaknesses The form below is the Strengths and Weaknesses analysis on Mother’s significant competitors. | Red Bull Energy drink| AMP Energy drink| Strengths| 1. Many famous cooperative partner. 2. the ingredient is healthy reasonable 3. Long history. Selling well all over the world. 4. Effective work in anti-fatigue| 1. Owned by PepsiCo, has grantee of quality. 2. Many kinds of sort, multiple selection 3. good taste 4. cheaper than | Weaknesses| 1. side effect if drink too much 2. expensive 3. crisis of confidence 4. Not suit for teenager.

| 1. High caffeine than most energy drink. No convenient transportation around. 2. intestines and stomach belly will disorder if drink too much 3. The durability is shorter than others| Performance The performance could be classified as the function and the quality. Mother is an energy drink marked to Australia and New Zealand. As for the function, the effect of this drink is let people feel energetic, has the energy to sports. Mother energy has the feature of durability. The quality of mother energy is also could be trustworthy. Mother is the one of the most popular local energy drink in Australia for many years.

Positioning To position the market, it should be depended on the circumstance that what are the competitors doing, what are their recent imaginable actions. Energy Drink| Positioning| Red bull| 1. Red bull is doing economic sponsor for many competition for the stake of make brand more popularity2. The ingredient in red bull has been improved, in order to more suit for human body, more healthy3. They also changed the packaging to be more fashion, and let some sports star to be spokesperson. | AMP Energy drink| 1. AMP is positioning to more flavors of energy drink. Let people has more selection 2.

Science 2008, AMP has sponsored NASCAR driver to spread the brand. Let more younger people drink it| Mother Energy drink| 1. Mother is the local brand in Australia, it can has more marketplace. 2. Recently, mother launched a new Energy drink variant to the market, featuring "Fuel Cap Bottle". This drink is similar to the new mother taste and boasts mothers "8 energy ingredients" as the main push. | Buyer behavior Buying roles There are 5 roles in buying behavior, which are initiator, influencer, decider, buyer and user. * Initiator is the first person who points out the needs and wants.

* Influencer is the person who influences the purchase decision. * Decider is who made final decision. * Buyer is the person who actual paid. * User is the person who used the product and the beneficiary. In this case customers who want Mother, could be these 5 roles. The buyer decision process There are 5 steps in buying process: * needs recognition * information searching * alternative evaluation * purchase decision * after purchase When people first time realize they need energy drink to provide energy, they will go to supermarket and looking for marketing information, see what market can offer them.

After that, customers will compare the brands and flavor or even other criteria. In this case, people will find that Mother has lot different flavor, such as Mother Surge, Mother Lemon Bite. After they drinking, if the product performance over customer expectation, customer will be satisfied. However, if the product performance less than customer expectation, customer will be unsatisfied. People can buy Mother anywhere from the shop, supermarket or bodega Market Segmentation Market segmentation is portions of the overall market that are different from one another and it consists of consumers with similar characteristics and needs.

A successful organization will understand that they cannot sell everything to everybody therefore marketing segmentation implies on the understanding of consumers and satisfy their needs better than the competition. The segmentation profile of Mother energy drink will be based on Australia such as geographical segmentation, demographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation as well as behavioral segmentation. Geographical| Australia is the sixth biggest territorial area in the world. It has a dispersed population where people from different places came to live in together as a nation.

Its population is 23,155,161(August 2013). Moreover, the climate of Australia is tropical, being hot and humid all year, especially the middle of Australia. Thus, having the energy drink around, it cools their throat as well as providing the people with energy that is needed for some parts of the state, which requires them to work late| Demographical | The specific age group that would be interested in the drink Mother would be those from the age of 18 years old to the age of 25 years old. Due to the range of age factor, most of the target youth’s occupation is more likely to be students and working adults as well.

There are still some students who take up part time jobs in order to earn more money while studying. They have got disposable income, which is used to spend on Mother, a convenience product. Mother may focuses on young men who are always in need of an energy booster in order to do bigger things. These young men would require an energy drink to stay up late at night, due to gaming, or for exercising purposes. | Psychographic| At the psychological traits, these consumers who purchases Mother, are those who belongs to the lower social class groups.

These young adults ranging from the age of 18 years to 25 years old. They are young, enthusiastic, impulsive consumers, who seek to savor the new and offbeat product. They have less responsible so they can spend much of their income on trendy consumer goods and entertain themselves. Furthermore, they are active in both physical and social activities. For instance, consumers who do activities such as going to the gym, or doing sports regularly.

Mother is also a form of sports drink for the sports people. As Mother portrays itself as an energy drink that could generate bigger ideas and doing bigger things as shown in the Motherland Advertisement marketed by Coca Cola, this results in consumers wanting to correlate themselves with the drink as they want to be portrayed as a capable person or a person with an energetic personality. Mother energy drink looks spanking new to young men as an all-natural drink with attitude since the branding on the cans is gothic and reminiscent of a tattoo. | Behavioural| The target market is using Mother Energy Drink as rejuvenated drink.

Therefore, Mother can be aimed to offer the promotional package, which sells two 500ml cans of Mother for Woolworths and Coles. The usage rate will be leading to moderate to high user depends on their consumptions. This is because sportsmen who are constantly working out, they would be consuming more of these energy drinks to give them the energy they need while exercising. On the other hand, students who are constantly up late at night, studying, or doing leisure activities that requires them to stay up, would also consume the energy drinks in order to feel perked even in the early hours.

Mother will be consumed mostly in the day and night compared to the afternoons. This is because these are the two crucial times in which these energy drinkers would need the energy to do their activities at home, a friend’s place or at the club or bar| Internal Analysis SWOT analysis is an analysis of company’s strength and weakness, also measures the opportunity within the market environment and investigates the threat that might affect their achievements. Strength 1. What does Mother do better than its competitors? And what is the advantages does Mother have over competitors?(http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=PSgusGf9OTk) Mother has opened market towards teens 2.

It is clearly that this kind of videos uploaded on the internet for people who loves crazy staffs or who likes to enjoy their lives within limit life while they are young. 3. Hence, the advertisements told their audiences Mother can give your energy hit and the message sent to teens are whether you did any crazy things 'Mother Made Me Do It' which is interesting enough to become their advantages: grabbing Australia teens attention. Weakness 1.

As long as they focus on the teens, other age group might be left out, such as housewife or ppl who already got a job, etc. 2. The limitation of targeted ppl is their weakness. other weakness such as unhealthy , as we looked up online the first news of Mother popped up as some teens got harm with drinking Mother or Mother contains more caffeine than other energy drink may cause death. Those kind of negative reports are super weakness for its sales. Opportunities 1. As we all know that Mother has developed 500ml bottle with new packaging appeared in the market.

2. This comparing with V and Red Bull’s 250ml bottle can be more cheap and enjoyable. I believe that this is capable enough to cater to public needs which then be seem as an opportunity. Treats 1. According to our previous interpret, Mother occupied 14% of the energy drinks market within Australia, which means as the market limitation mother faces more pressure and diluting of the current market. 2. Once new drinks come into the market, they will be the potential threats of diluting the drinks market. 7P’S

* Product: from 2006 till now, Mother developed 7 different favours: Mother Surge, Mother Big Shot, Mother Lemon Bite, Mother Low Carb, Mother V8 Powered, Mother Frosty Berry, Mother Green Storm. All those developments can create values. * Promotion: Mother and Call-of-Duty recently joint together operating a new packing energy drink for the promotion of them both. * Place: we can see Mother energy drink in everywhere, vending machine, supermarket, local milk bar, etc. * Price: 500ml for one can is $3.

5 in the market. Comparing with 250ml V and red bull, this price is better. * Physical environment: for the product Mother, the tangible aspects are the big manufacturing companies V and Red bull. They hold most of the market shares. * Process: Mother has its Facebook, putting all activities on it for its fans to follow. * People: they have many strategic marketing methods like giving free samples in the stations, leaflets for its activities, and sponsor for music concerts.

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