Research Methods in my coursework

s my primary research, (research that I collected my self) I will be using a questionnaire I chose this method of primary research because it gives the interviewer an easy decision. I also chose this method of research because it is easy to create all types of graphs for example bar,line column and even pie charts The advantage of using this method of research is that it is not time consuming for the interviewer and the questionnaire. Because when the interviewer needs a person to answer questions for research the last thing the person wants is it to take up there time when they probably have other things to do.

Another advantage to a questionnaire is that it does not take along time for the researcher to gain results. Because if they were doing an interview then it would be much more time consuming but the answers would be in more depth. A disadvantage of this method of primary research is that the researcher does not get a very detailed answer.

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So it may not be the interviewers honest opinion because the questionnaire would only offer a yes or no answer so the interviewer cannot offer its in depth real opinion of the question.

Secondary Research In my secondary research( research that other people have done)I have collected information for my coursework on the internet especially the pizza hut website. I also used the national data source that was provided. This was a large questionnaire, which included questions on pizza hut and that was filled in by the peoples national opinions of pizza hut this was collected from all-round England and represents the national views of people.

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The advantages of using secondary research is that it is a quick , reliable and easy source of collecting data. Another advantage of this source is that there is a huge amount of information available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so it s extremely convenient The only disadvantage when using secondary data is that it may be expensive to the researcher. For example the internet a moderately expensive source of getting research because the more yours it the more expensive it costs.

Updated: Mar 11, 2022
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