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Research Methods and Plagiarism Test Questions

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Which are online text sources? Check all that apply.
blogs ,e-books ,encyclopedias, and e-zines
To find information about getting a driver’s license, Tamia should visit a
.gov website.
Which best describes why it is important for Omar to use citations in his research paper?
to give others credit for the information
What is plagiarism?
passing off another person’s ideas and work as one’s own
Which is an example of plagiarism?
rewriting an author’s opinion, with different words
Flora needs a copy of Romeo and Juliet for class.

Which type of online text source should she use?

an e-book
To compare nutritional information of his favorite breakfast cereals, Roman should visit
.com websites.
Blogs differ from most other online text sources because they
allow readers to interact with each other.
Media sources are most relevant to a presentation if they
support the content.
When using an online media source, students should ensure the information is
relevant, credible, and valid.

If there is a slow Internet connection or limited access to certain sites, it is often better to [ ] a video file before streaming it to use as part of a presentation.
An author’s qualifications are important in determining whether a media source is
Online multimedia is best designed to appeal to the viewer’s sense of
sight and hearing.

Jonas is creating a presentation for students about volunteering. He wants to begin by speaking about the various opportunities available, but he also wants to use multimedia to engage the students.

Top Experts
Verified expert
4.8 (756)
Professor P
Verified expert
4.9 (345)
Professor Harris
Verified expert
4.9 (457)
hire verified expert

Which is the most appropriate media resource for Jonas to use?

a video in which students talk about volunteer experiences
Diagrams, graphics, videos, and images are known as
[ ] aides.
A relevant online media source best helps an audience
trust the material.
How should students properly use media in a presentation? Check all that apply.
engage viewers by adding variety, stimulate the senses of the viewer and
clarify relevant details in the text
Media is a form of [ ] in which news, information, and entertainment can be shared.
The most relevant source for politicians debating whether to reduce the size of the military is a
report on a government website analyzing the idea.
Which source would best enable students to read the feelings and thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi?
personal letters written by Gandhi
Which step most likely determines the popularity of a search engine?
The main goal of search engines is to provide what kind of information?
Which is the most relevant source for students researching the effects of climate change?
a government report written by a group of leading scientists
Secondary sources [ ] information gathered from primary sources.
The use of the words and, not, and or in a search engine is known as
Boolean search terms.

Deepak is researching famous World War II pilots. She wants to focus on pilots from the United States rather than Germany.

Which Boolean search will provide Deepak with the best results?

United States pilots not German pilots in World War II
What is an example of a source that is less likely to be copyrighted?
an acceptance speech by a presidential candidate
Credible online sources are more likely to contain information that is
What is one way to get permission to use a copyrighted online source?
locate the owner and make a request
Which examples are credible sources that could be used for an essay on the environment? Check all that apply.
a website for a federal environmental agency
a website run by a non-profit organizationa
paper on the environment by a university professor
A credible online source is less likely to include
unproven opinions.
Which scenario describes a student filing a permission request for an online source?
David sends a letter to the owner of a source to ask if he can quote it.
If a student passes off an author’s work as his or her own, the student has
committed plagiarism.
A credit given to an author for his or her work is called a(n)
Which scenario describes a student citing an online source in his or her work?
Ling includes the name of a source’s author in her report.
To summarize means to
condense the main idea into a few words.
Which best describes what a bibliography includes?
all resources consulted during research
Why do MLA citations exclude a source’s web address, or URL?
URLs often change.
In addition to MLA, what are some other widely used style guides? Check all that apply.
American Psychological Association
Associated Press
Chicago Manual of Style
Which best describes why plagiarism can have legal consequences, such as lawsuits and fines?
It is considered a form of stealing.
Where is a bibliography or works-cited list placed within a paper or report?
at the end
Yuki is preparing to write a research paper for his history class. Which style guide would be best for him to use?
Modern Language Association (MLA)
Which website citation is correctly formatted according to MLA standards?
MyPlate. United States Department of Agriculture, 30 May 2012. Web. 7 June 2013.
In regards to their audience, it is most important for writers to
be aware of their audience.
Samir is preparing to write an article for his school newspaper. Given this situation, which question does he most need to consider?
What does the audience want to know?

Read the example thesis statement below.

Going to college can be expensive because of the high cost of books and tuition.

Which best explains why this is an effective thesis statement?

It includes specific points to be discussed.
What is the first step in the writing process?
Which qualities are most important for a thesis statement to have?
It should be specific, clear, and focused.
A thesis statement is a sentence that most likely
explains the paper’s topic.
Why is it important to look at the verbs used to explain a writing assignment?
The verbs identify the paper’s purpose.
Elena is preparing to write a book report on A Wrinkle in Time, which was assigned by her teacher. Given this situation, which question does she most need to consider?
What does she want the audience to know?
Which best describes why Katya would choose to use mapping to brainstorm her science report?
She wants to visualize how ideas relate.

Read the passage from an academic paper on government.

The primary purpose of government should be to provide for poor people. More and more citizens have fallen below the poverty line, and homelessness and hunger are on the rise.

The voice of this passage could best be described as


Zach turned in an essay on humpback whales. His teacher explained the main message was unclear.

How should he revise his paper?

He should develop the paper’s controlling idea.
Paola’s paper on rock formations was returned with a note asking her to rework the rhythm and flow of the language. Which academic writing trait does this relate to?
sentence fluency

This graphic organizer shows the overall structure of an academic paper.

Which element should appear in the blank oval near the bottom?

Restatement of Thesis
Which statement best describes the body paragraphs of an academic paper?
The body paragraphs consist of points to support the thesis.
Which elements are among the six traits of academic writing? Check all that apply.
sentence fluency

Michael submitted a narrative essay about a trip to the Grand Canyon. His teacher explained the paper had a problem with conventions.

How should he revise it?

He should correct any mistakes in spelling or grammar.
Which best describes conventions in an academic paper?
It’s the use of mechanical and grammatical accuracy in writing.
What is included in a strong paragraph? Check all that apply.
one main idea in a topic sentence
a concluding sentence
supporting sentences
Which criteria should be used to review a topic sentence? Check all that apply.
The topic sentence is neither too specific or too general.
The topic sentence is closely related to the thesis statement.
The topic sentence states the main idea of the paragraph.
The topic sentence is supported by details in the paragraph.
The primary function of causes, effects, quotations, facts, and statistics in a paragraph is to
support or illustrate the topic sentence.
A set of sentences focused on a single idea is called a
In a paragraph that follows the TRIC pattern, a sentence that offers a definition, explains an idea, or develops the topic should
come right after the topic sentence.
To be considered strong, a paragraph should
support the thesis statement.

Jalen is writing a paragraph about his experience at an adventure camp. Below is his topic sentence.

Last summer I had so much fun going to an adventure camp.

Which sentence best refines Jalen’s topic sentence?

Adventure camp is where you get to do exciting things you’ve never done before.
Which primarily provides thoughts or opinions about the topic?
the concluding sentence

The image shows an outline.

According to the writer, what is the ultimate problem with global warming?

damage to the environment

This graphic shows an organizational aid.

This organizational aid is an example of

cause and effect.
Sora composes a point-by-point outline for his writing assignment about the American diet. He is most likely writing about
problems with typical American food and possible solutions.
When writing about ways to fix troubles caused by poor study habits, a(n)[ ] is the best place to start.

The graphic shows events in the order they occurred.

This organizational aid is a(n)

Which are examples of organizational aids? Check all that apply.
sequence charts
Venn diagrams
Which organizational aids work best for a paper written in chronological order? Check all that apply.
sequence charts

The graphic shows a web organizer.

Which best describes what its being illustrated here?

the many problems caused by a hurricane
Determining which visual aid to use in a presentation starts with identifying its
Michael is creating a presentation about the value of investing at a young age and wants to show how money can grow over time. Which type of visual aid would best serve his purpose?
a line
Bar graphs compare values across categories using[ ] to display their information.
Which type of visual aid should students use to track small changes over time?
line graphs
Students who want to show physical features of a region would use which type of map?

The map shows rainfall amounts in the United States.

Which presentation would most likely include this map?

one that seeks to identify areas across the US that are prone to flooding
Why might a state tourism office use a road map in its brochures?
to show points of interest where visitors can go
A sorting tool is most likely used to
present ordered data.
Data is best described as
factual or numerical information.
Which best describes how sorting tools organize data?
Sorting tools rearrange data within columns and rows.
Which of these is an example of gathering secondary data?
searching for a chart
Which is an example of gathering primary data?
conducting a survey
How do the search methods differ for primary and secondary data?
These data use the same processes.
Why would students most likely need to collect data? Check all that apply.
to answer a question
to support a position
to understand a problem
Alka can best argue her paper’s thesis statement by finding data that
supports her position.
What do effective listening skills involve? Check all that apply.
attentive listening
active listening
body language
Which question is open-ended?
Despite warnings, why do people consume energy drinks?
Which activities do discussion groups engage in? Check all that apply.

Tamar decided to clean up trash in the park after school. The park was large and there was a lot of trash that needed to be picked up. Tamar also needed to be home soon to finish her homework and have dinner.

The reason Tamar organized a group to help clean up trash in the park was to

get more garbage picked up faster.

Zahra’s softball team needs money for team T-shirts. The coach makes some fundraising suggestions, while team members brainstorm their own ideas. They vote on the one they like best.

What is the main benefit of collaborating on fundraising ideas?

Team members are involved in the decision.
Collaborating with others can help students
learn from different perspectives.
Which best describes an advantage of an online discussion?
Members have more time to reflect on others’ ideas before responding.

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