Eve-Teasing in Bangladesh: Impact on Girls and Women

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Eve-teasing is a widespread and most disturbing reality for the girls in Bangladesh. We hardly find reports of eve-teasing in the media until it ends up causing some serious damage to somebody. But we do come across, at times, news and reports telling us how terrifying the consequences of eve-teasing can be. And such news does not usually attract public attention until it grows into a national issue. According to figures released by the Ain-O-Shalish Kendra (ASK) human rights organization, 14 girls and women have taken their own lives over the past four months across the country as a direct result of the insults.

It is also a great problem in Sylhet. Young girls, especially school and college girls and female workers top the list as victims of eve-teasing. Given the strict patriarchal social system, it is almost daring for a woman to protest against teasing in public places.

In our society, it is usually the girl who is finally held responsible for such incidents.

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No matter how weak those laws are, most people are unaware of their existence as they are hardly aware of any implementation of those. Considering all these, we can say that laws alone are not enough. What we need most is to change the overall social outlook toward women. We need to raise collective voice and take action against eve-teasing, as we also need to increase the gender-sensitivity of the police force.

X,08 Aug 2010: The problems of load-shedding is acute in Sylhet. Bangladesh faces one of the worst power crises of the world.

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Due to lack of planned investment in the power sector, load shedding has become the flagship phenomenon of the country's electricity system. Some parts of the city of Sylhet may face black outs for more than 8 hours a day during the very hot summer. The power shortage eventually leads to the failure of water supply. Most citizens have to face a miserable life with little water and no electricity under the scorching tropical heat. There are no significant power station projects in the pipeline and the situation is going to get worse in the coming years.

All on a sudden street are covered with darkness with a few lights of cars and buses flashing here and there. Thieves and pick-pockets freely prowl on the street. The suffering of the students due to load-shedding is beggar’s description. The curse of load-shedding does not spare even the hospital. In fact, words are inadequate to give proper vent to the discomfort and harm caused in our life by this unscrupulous practice of load-shedding. All concerned must join their hands to liberate the people from the curse of load-shedding at a very early date.

Updated: Mar 22, 2023
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