Report On The Lessons I Learned During Summer Internship At Accrual Intelligence Manuals India Pvt. Ltd

After working with Accrual Intelligence Manuals India Pvt. Ltd, I have learnt a lot of effort being done on an everyday basis and how the internal work and external work is done in an organization. The experience of my summer internship helped me in attaining the following things such as:

Following through with a client is very important - No deals happen in the first few contacts as clients are not aware of you and need thinking time. Money decisions take time and thinking.

People need assurances and guarantees that you are for real and you need to smooth in your presentations. It takes 5 or 6 times of follow through to get a client to agree for further meeting and investment and you cannot afford to give up on clients as that will be potential money lost for the company.

Working in the sales department – This enhanced the information about the organization and its various products and services they offer to the world.

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Environment of the organization - The importance of friendly environment at work place is the key factor for the satisfaction of the employees.

Knowledge of corporate world – The information about the corporate world about how corporate capacities. How do course of action and capacity in corporate.

No client is big or small - Every client has equal time and energy without giving preference to any one big investor. You never know which client may become important in the future or have a fortune later. Every client’s money and goals are important and it helps you become better.

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This is the single most important lesson learned. To always give 100% no matter what the job is.

Constant Touch with the client - Similarly follow ups even after the client has invested with you are important, so they know you care about having them as a client and remember you for future investments and keep it an open option for consideration. It is important to have constant engagement and personalization of services to optimize customer experience and ensure he gets best satisfaction so he is retained with us. There is a lot of competition today from everywhere and touch with clients is important to help them know we are still competitive and their best option for investment and advice.

Positive attitude of learning -One should go in an organization with an attitude of learning new things. This helped to learn a lot of new working styles.

Personality development -Helped to build the personality in terms of professional way.

Overall, it was indeed a learning experience! An idea of the corporate world gives us a hint and way in making our future career judgments I not only gained theoretical facts but also real-world awareness. I learnt how the philosophies which are educated to us in academies is practically functioned in the Organizations. In all, my understanding at this organization was remarkable. It improved my facts and significantly transformed my view point towards the functioning styles in organizations.

Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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