The Summer Internship Experience in Mr. Shmooze, a Book by Richard Abraham

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In the book, Mr. Shmooze, the author tells a story of his first-hand experience during his summer internship under relationship and sales master, Mr. Shmooze. Throughout his summer, the narrator learns, through experiences, about key lessons to being a successful person by doing extraordinary acts. Mr. Shmooze goes above and beyond with everything that he does; he never does anything half-heartedly, and always goes the extra mile to make others feel happy.

One of Mr. Shmooze’s key points to his success is to elevate in everything that you do.

Through his meetings with clients, Mr. Shmooze shows Rodger how it pays off to find out what people are truly passionate about and to sell to them by creating a connection and a relationship that is unlike anyone else. He believes that the key to making a lot of money without nearly trying is to have really good relationships and sell through those relationships. Yet, simply networking is not enough.

It is not enough to have a connection that is good at business but doesn’t connect high personally, and on the other hand, it is not enough to have a very good personal relationship, but with a person who doesn’t pertain to your business.

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Mr. Shmooze feels that the most valuable relationships are those where you have a good personal relationship and a good business relationship as well because connections are not about quantity, but rather quality.

Mr. Shmooze recognizes different people for who they are and caters to their passions and their ways of working.

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By letting people, such as entrepreneurs, take the upper hand when needed and allowing them to feel as if they are the ones to come up with an idea that you had initially planted, Mr. Shmooze illustrates how important the individual clients are.

In the book, Mr. Shmooze goes above and beyond to do things for people he has just met, as well as people that are lower than him on the business tier. By making everyone’s day happy and making it known that he listens to them and cares about their personal lives, he leaves the people feeling happy about themselves and in a better place than before they had met him. By doing this, Mr. Shmooze is creating relationships that could result in more relationships someday.

He also enters and leaves the room, or conversation, happy, energetic, and stress-free.

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