Reading Response on "Murder on the Orient Express" by Agatha Christie

This book is about a detective who boards a train to a have a vacation, however one of the passengers were murdered during the night. Therefore, Hercule Poirot interviews everyone to try find the murderer.

I really enjoyed this book as it got me guessing who the murderer is right way through the book. When I read this book again a found a few clues that I just read over without noticing them. For example, Mary Debenham says “Not now. Not now.

When it’s all over. When it’s behind us. Then,” to Colonel Arbuthnot. At this moment Poirot, Mary and Arbuthnot are the only passengers aboard the train. This is important intimate relationship between Mary and Colonel Arbuthnot is suspicious because the two seem like strangers to each other. Even though it is unclear what Mary is talking about, it is a bit suspicious as what will be “over.” When the events start unfolding, Mary and Colonel refuse to tell Poirot what they were talking about.

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This book made me think of people in general and their identity. In the first two sections, all the passengers seem correct but in the third section, their identities are revealed. Most of the passengers tell the truth about their names but not their profession or association with the victim. Some of the passengers changed their names

This book also made me think about justice, as Ratchette was a bad person and kidnapped the Armstrong’s daughter but is found not guilty, so 12 passengers who are associated with the Armstrong family have a plan to kill him to set things right.

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It made me think how sometimes life can be unfair but is it good to avenge someone, especially if they are innocent? This book shows that if it was for the better, then it is fair.

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Reading Response on "Murder on the Orient Express" by Agatha Christie

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