Mary Debenham - Free Essay Examples And Topic Ideas

Mary Debenham is a young woman who is traveling on the Orient Express when it is stranded by a snowstorm. She is British and is very proper. She is also very beautiful, which catches the eye of Hercule Poirot.

How to write essay about Mary Debenham

  • 1) Start by providing a brief overview of who Mary Debenham is and her role in the story.
  • 2) Describe Mary’s personality, including her strengths and weaknesses.
  • 3) Discuss Mary’s relationship with other characters in the story, including her interactions with Hercule Poirot.
  • 4) consider Mary’s role in the murder investigation, and whether she is truly guilty or not.
  • 5) Conclude by discussing Mary’s fate at the end of the story and what this means for her character.

Essay themes and ideas about Mary Debenham

  • Mary Debenham: The Mysterious Miss
  • Mary Debenham: The Enigmatic Enigma
  • Mary Debenham: The woman of Many Faces
  • Mary Debenham: The Chameleon
  • Mary Debenham: The Shape-Shifter
  • Mary Debenham: The Woman Who Wasn’t There
  • Mary Debenham: The Ghost in the Machine
  • Mary Debenham: The Woman in the Shadows
  • Mary Debenham: The Phantom of the Orient Express
  • Mary Debenham: The Woman Who Haunts Our Dreams

Essay Outline

I. Mary Debenham’s character
A. Her background
B. Her relationships with other characters
C. How she changes over the course of the story
II. The murder investigation
A. The initial investigation
B. The final investigation
C. Mary’s role in the investigation
III. The trial
A. The prosecution’s case
B. The defense’s case
C. The verdict
IV. The aftermath
A. Mary’s reaction to the verdict
B. The effect of the trial on her relationships with other characters

Popular quotes of Mary Debenham

1. “She was a woman of thirty-six, with a fair, pale face, a neat nose, and rather good eyes.”

2. “It is a pity that you have not been to America, Mr. Poirot. You would have liked our country, I think. It is very young, and very modern, and very progressive.”

3. “I never saw her again, but I have often thought of her. She was a very unhappy woman, I think.”

4. “You must remember that I am a woman, Mr. Poirot, and that I understand these things.”

5.”It is very difficult to be a good woman, Mr. Poirot.”

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