Qualities of an Effective Leader

Companies today prefer to hire employees who have the most experience at the lowest salaries possible, which in turn does not always produce quality workmanship. The notion is always "time is money" so to be effective they do not want to have to keep retraining people. However, to be properly effective a firm still needs to have leaders and followers in place in proper positions.

To do this effectively, leaders need to be in key positions in all levels of management, so issues can be recognized more on a proactive level instead of a reactive level.

A good leader needs to put together a team that is diverse, one that has folks of many years of experience and few with little years.

People from different educational and cultural backgrounds will help as well to understand different points of views. Even though 99% of the time is mostly business, a good leader needs to be able to connect with their team, be a human and talk to them about personal situations if needed.

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A leader should be able to make tough decisions at times and be able to defend it if necessary.

For leaders to be effective, the followers should be effective as well and provide good expectations. The followers should feel empowered to do the work; a leader would instill that into them by providing vision on how these tasks can benefit them and not the leader itself.

A good follower should be able to communicate well and ask many questions to understand their scope of work, and fully vet and understand what is required within the appropriate manner.

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As a good leader, he or she should be courageous to make the hard choice at all-times (even the uncomfortable ones).

It may not be the "right" choice by others, but it should what he or she feels is the best choice in that given moment in time. When you start making hard choices and tough decisions, the followers will start to understand what you believe in and you will attract others to follow your example.

Once others begin to follow you, now you are earning the team's respect. This is a good trait to have as a leader because without followers, a leader is simply a man or women just talking walk; or better yet, a captain without a crew is simply just another person on the ship.

So, listen to the team, hear them out, and determine what are everyone's SWOT(strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) characteristics is, once this is identified the leader can then assist the ones who are struggling and let the others proceed and shine. By doing this, the followers will feel you are vesting time into them to do better and the level of respect will go up. By doing this, you will be pushing your team to strive their hardest and the output will be ideal.

A good leader must understand to have a clear vision of what should come in the future but understand it will not work without people, no matter what business one is in, it is always a people's business. True leaders know how to connect with everyone to foster success for the entire team.

The leader should be able to articulate long and short-term goals and show how each person or team member plays a vital role in achieving objectives (Kellerman, 2014). With all of these traits describe, one can say it is easy to be leader and force others to do these things, but this characteristic one should almost never partake in, never lead by force or fear.

A good leader never shows force or fear but moves people through motivation [or better yet through their actions] (Gleeson, 2016). Doing all of this requires a balance of patience and persistence, while also having ongoing level of education for themselves and their team.

Effective Communication/ Feedback is crucial for the sender and receiver in almost every type of relationship, this helps to ensure that everyone accepts constructive criticism to do better; self-reflection is always key, and if one is too arrogant to receive advice - direct them towards therapy!

Updated: Aug 12, 2021
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