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Psychology of Motivation Assignment

Paper type: Assignment
Pages: 3 (735 words)
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Upon examining my inner self, I have actually recognized that I have a couple of behavioral excesses that I want to reduce. First of all, I have recognized that I have the propensity to postpone things and wait on the due date to be near before I do my assignments, both in the house and in school. Though I still meet the requirements, the whole packing service generally puts me at great tension after the work has been done. Another is my propensity to get easily irritated.

When I am under pressure, I hate individuals troubling me, which often result in misunderstandings between me and my brother or sisters, friends and classmates.

On the other hand, I have just one dominant behavioral deficit that I wish to conquer which is my tendency to keep silent even if I know that my concept is better than what has actually been provided. I am not a really assertive individual and I usually accept what others would have to say rather of insisting mine.

The most plausible reason for my first recognized behavioral excess is the benefit that I am getting in the form of high ratings each time I do my assignments near the deadline.

I have seen that my mind works best when under pressure. When I was still in my elementary years, I utilized to do my projects instantly upon invoice of the recommendations originating from my instructor. Unfortunately, the results are not as great as those jobs that I achieve near the deadline. I have actually likewise observed that my concepts are extremely complimentary flowing when I am under pressure. The high academic ratings that I earned out of the packing service have actually reinforced me to begin doing my tasks near the set due dates.

Sadly, now that I am already in my college years, the jobs that I require to accomplish started to accumulate and the stress I experience out of the scenario is sometimes tough to bear physically as it drains my energy. On the other hand, the 2nd behavioral excess that I have recognized above is possibly brought on by stress. It is linked with my propensity to postpone achieving jobs, thus, when in extreme pressure, I tend to prod and easily get irritated. This is unhealthy for me as far as my relationship with my brother or sisters, schoolmates and buddies are concerned.

If is continue to do this, I will loose my friends and my closeness with my siblings will be affected as well. I really need to decrease this negative behavior by controlling my temper. Likewise, the deficit that I have identified to be overcome is possibly caused by the way our parents reared us. As a child, I remembered that I was not given much freedom to express my self and let my opinions on certain things be heard. If ever I do some deviations, I get scolded. These negative experiences have led me to accept what other people have to say instead of insisting on what I believe.

Using the self control program, I think the most efficient strategy to make myself commit to this aim of controlling my behavioral excesses is to tell others and make them aware of my intentions. By doing this, I will be obliged to religiously follow my commitment. I will make a daily schedule with realistic timelines so that I will have clear targets and ensure prioritization of important things. By accomplishing the projects and things to do according to the planned schedule, I could be stress free and thus, avoid getting irritated immediately. In case I fail to meet a certain target, I will abstain from attending a scheduled fun activity.

This will serve as my punishment for having failed to meet my goal. On the other hand, I will treat myself to a new book in case I consistently meet my targets. I will monitor my progress on a monthly basis until such time that my aim becomes a habit. In overcoming my behavior deficit, I will start joining groups where exchange of ideas is frequent. My target is to express my opinion at least once in every topic being discussed. The reward that I will gain here will be in the form of self fulfillment. The only obstacle that I have seen here is fear of rejection but I think the reward is worth the risk.

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