Proverbs or Sayings Help Children Learn Life's Lessons

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Life if full of experiences that have cognitive teachings in the end. As people interact, make mistakes, pursue goals or even just enjoy life in different ways, it is rare to miss a connecting addition of value into what life is about. In the same way, parents have a significant impact on the development of children and comprehensive understanding of life. Among the different ways of making children learn, using proverbs or sayings, that carry meanings is significant.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

For many years, churches have reputably molded the character of different people.

Perhaps this is one reason why most parents prefer to teach their children to worship and uphold piety from a tender age. One way through which church activities influence the members of the church is through personal presentation.

The way members dress and carry themselves should always depict respect for another person and more so to God. This explains why the auditioning for church choir in the nearby church was demanding of smartness and utter neatness.

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Many youths who turned up dressed too casually failed even though they had talent. Christians believe that maintenance of neatness of the body goes a long way into the cleanliness of the mind and soul. In addition, the teachings encourage exemplary lifestyle that other people, children or non-believers may emulate. Therefore, staying pure in body and outlook tells a lot about the purity of the mind.

One Man is not an Island

Secondly, togetherness in a society is crucially essential.

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Many developmental activities require people to come together with ideas, physical support or financial contribution. This underscores the reason why unity is utterly essential. When there is environmental pollution in the community it becomes a concern because it influences on different activities and even the people's lifestyle or health. David, an environmentalist, strongly knew this one truth in his mind when he started his campaign against the alarming deforestation in the countryside.

David presented a number of petitions against the county government criticizing the proposed establishment of a football pitch. According to authority, football was gaining momentum in the current world and could subsequently lead to high revenue collection. However, David knew that the forest harbored rare species of endangered tree species. When his petitions hit a dead end, David turned to the entire community, educating and lobbying for support against the government. The genuine concern opened the minds of many people who rallied behind him and even staged protest. Finally, the government heeded the concern of many voices and dropped the construction of the football pitch for another location.

A Strong Man/Woman Recognizes his/her own Weakness

The third virtue of living is learning to understand the self. It is true that a society can be a potent mirror to look at to understand one's personality. This naked truth applies mostly to the leaders in high positions. Leadership entails responsibility not only to roles given but also to the general image to the people. It was an unusual event when a parish got accusation for child abuse. Church leaders ought to uphold high values of religion; therefore, this scenario was shocking. The parish, however, took a bold step and accepted the charges. In addition, he overlooked his pride and resigned position, giving himself as an exemplary person of human imperfection. Many people respected the parish outstanding brilliance to pave a way for investigation, which later proved his unintentional act was because of mental disturbance.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

It is courteous to return a favor. This is one of the commonest lessons beneficial for communal and united society. Life presents different challenges, which often come almost at the same time: they say it never rains, it pours. Therefore, helping each other especially during difficult is imperative especially in the neighborhood. When one, Mr. Walter lost his wife and his job, he needed help.

The man was new and had barely made any friends except the neighbors who knew him. Some families gave a helping hand in the funeral and paying some debts accrued over the mourning time. However, one wealthy neighbor turned his back on him. The neighbor was antisocial and rarely associated with the people around. A few years later, the house of the filthy rich got on fire and the fire brigade delayed. However, many people offered help trying to put off the inferno. From that time, the antisocial neighbor appreciated the meaning of scratching one another's back.

Finally, mutual friendship builds mutual relationship. The interaction of parties in a thriving relationship always lacks issues such as backbiting and gossiping based on unfounded accusations. There was once a group of five girls, with one different girl called Jane. Jane was a talkative and loud-mouthed girl.

Though her friends knew of her character, they never thought that she would go too far to spill their secrets. Jane prejudiced against other girls in the school, and she always brought up malicious stories about other people. The other girls tried to warn Jane against gossip, but she never heeded. When the group finally broke out, Jane turned to her friends. On one instance, Jane said that Mary, her former group mate, was dating an old high profile artist. The word spread and Mary had to suffer shame from the schoolmates. However, many of the colleagues despised Jane, who became lonely.


It is true that most proverbs and sayings are practically applicable in life. A closer look into sociology of people shows that life is an endless book to learn. Every day of life is like a page in a wisdom book that keen people can read.

Updated: Feb 14, 2023
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