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It is pertinent to comprehend the factors which were correlated to bring the societal change for the postwar British generation in order to analyze it. The political, cultural, and economical circumstances were directly linked to the depiction of the postwar British generation’s societal dilemma as depicted in this play. Jimmy Porter being the protagonist of Look Back in Anger exhibits the anger, frustration, and restlessness with socio-cultural, political, and economical conditions of the postwar British generation throughout the play. Political anger is the result of the above-mentioned factors that ultimately impacts the postwar British generation in multidimensional ways in its lifestyle.

The depression and restlessness of the generation of Jimmy Porter is manifested in this play. ​

​Look Back in Anger represents the postwar British generation in a very solemn way as it is meant for the audience to understand the socio-cultural transition of that British society after the fall of the British Empire. One of the significant attributes of the postwar British youth depicted in this play is the monotony and boredom right from the beginning.

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In the very first scene of the play protagonist Jimmy Porter and his friend, Cliff Lewis are introduced. Both of them are shown as newspaper readers with no zest and seated in the shabby chairs. There is absolutely no activity in the scene which depicts the boredom in the life of the postwar British generation. A significant part of the play also depicts the seriousness and dullness in lives of that generation. The dim light on the stage indicates the social gloom in the postwar generation in Britain.

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It also symbolically represents the lifelessness in the British young generation after the World War II and political and socio-cultural developments attached to it. The sameness and tediousness in activities depicts the impact of politics on the social fabric of British society.

​Anger is another social attribute which can be seen in the lives of postwar British juveniles in Look Back in Anger quite frequently. It is the psychological impact of the postwar circumstances in the British society which resulted despair and resentment among its youth. The depiction of smoky room is an illustration of depression for the postwar British generation. It is the psychological dilemma of the British generation which was causing the depression and anger among them. When Jimmy says that our youth is slipping away it reflects his concern for the futuristic fate of his generation due to socio-cultural, economic, and political circumstances of the British society after the fall of British Empire.

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