Professional football and subculture

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Sports around the world are a large part of the Americans subculture. There are many professional sports that are very competitive throughout the world, but in my opinion professional football is the most competitive. There are also many different cultures, values and different ways sports have impacted my life and the people surrounded by us. First of all, throughout America we all have different values in either huskie football, high school football or professional football.

The culture- values in different Americans throughout the world unites people of different race and backgrounds for every sport around the world.

In football, fans come together to support and cheer on their favorite team. Some of us consider football as a “past time” while others see it as their profession and get paid millions of dollars each season.

In professional football culture values plays a very important role. For example, last year’s super bowl season involved the New York Giants and New England Patriots which took place in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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With the majority of football fans watching Super Bowl Sunday there are a lot of money values that are involved.

For example, all of the commercials, clothing, ticket sales, hotel reservations and gambling is a good way to add to the economy. Another subculture example, the way fans dress up for the game, different outfits, clothing and facial paintings all add different styles of value during Super Bowl Sunday. Football season has impacted my life a couple of different ways. First of all, it takes up a few hours of my time during my favorite teams’ game.

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Even though it takes a few hours out of my day on either Sunday or Monday it is still worth it. Secondly, having to spend time with family, friends, having a barbecue and drinking cold adult beverages is always a plus.

Although professional football is considered very competitive sport among various teams we still have our own beliefs on how the game is played, how much we spend, what we wear, how we look and basically who we are surrounded by. At the end of the day, we are who we are and we all live differently around the world. Lower class, middle class or upper class, but we are still people with our own beliefs!

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Professional football and subculture

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