Practical Education vs Theoretical Education

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Nepal is backward in education system till today’s modern times due to the theoretical knowledge and rote learning. Theoretical education is based on text books and Practical education is based on various types of skills and technique. In Nepal, most priority is given to the theoretical education rather than practical as curriculum is based on it. Some of schools has adopted the practical approach of teaching-learning activities but majority are lacking. Theoretical education priorities only on the texts books and it is exam-oriented as well.

Most of the contents or topics of our curriculum is not useful in our very life.

Moreover, one of my friends told me that Nepal can never make a progress until and unless this (theoretical) education system is modified. I’m too totally agree with my friend view that if the curriculum or education pattern is not alter, country would be in same condition as it is, for more few years. Till now, we are adopting traditional approach of educational practice based on theory.

Likewise, Rote Learning is an technique which avoids understanding of a subject and instead focusing on memorization. Rote learning is often view as a bad practice which is not good for the students. It makes students dull, unskilled, less creativity and many more. In Nepal, If the students don’t understood the topic, teacher encourages students for rote learning rather teaching the contents thoroughly from the first.

In addition to, Practical education supports students’ to grab up skills which helps them to stand independently in any jobs and works.

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They will able to learn by understanding and doing practically in their life. Teachers also must use the practical methods of teaching day to day which helps to bring creativeness to students and make the students provide suitable logic and understanding about the subject matter.

Rote Learning is practiced in subjects like Science, Social and Nepali. However, the new trend has been discovered which involves the rote learning of subjects like Math. Students couldn’t understand the methods taught by teacher because of less practical method. So, they rote learn them by mathematical methods.

To conclude, it seems that the necessity of the practical based education in Nepal is a must. For that, the main role that our government can play is to change present curriculum and bring about changes which includes 80% practical knowledge and remaining as theoretical. Also, there can be a class where students are taught on the international and national issues.

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Practical Education vs Theoretical Education
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