Positive Effects of Studying Abroad

The number of international students has been skyrocketing for a long time. According to the NPR news (2015), there are over 975,000 international students in the United State; approximately 10 percent of the total college students are international students. However, the necessity of studying aboard has been debated; the opponent would argue that the studying international increases the education cost for the student and reduces the availability of college spot from the native college student. In fact, studying aboard is beneficial for student because it helps student to open their mind, improve their second language skill, and have a better job opportunity

First and foremost, the experience of being an international student is the thing that a student who studies local could have because international students are surrounded by the foreign land where they never set foot in before.

Student who studies aboard are subject to open their mind about the world; switching to a new environment that has a different lifestyle and culture is actuating the student to connect with other culture.

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Culture diversity provides international student the good chances of knowing other culture; making friends with the classmate different culture, getting to try the food from a different place, and learning tradition culture from the local people. Therefore, experiencing the world personally will significantly improve student perspective of the world from the superficial one.

Second, study abroad provides the best opportunity to study or improve second language skill. International students need to deal with communication when they are studying in a foreign country, so that will become the motivation of the student to practice their second language skill in order to blend in with the surroundings.

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That interpersonal interaction is essential for a second language learner. According to the article “Study abroad: an essential part of language acquisition” from Emilie Kenne, (2014) “knowing how, when, and why to say what to whom” is the real interaction that engages student to exchange information and express feelings in selected language, and it allows student to understand a language in a way that better represent a communicative capacity. Consequently, study abroad helps student improves their second language skill throughout their academic session.

The opponent would argue that student should not study aboard because study abroad is spending way too much too money compare to study locally. There is a price for studying abroad which cannot be measured only by money because it comes with great experiences and a better future. Study overseas would help the job seeker stand out of the crowd on the job interview. In the research “Employer Attitude toward Study Abroad,” (2017) Trooboff and his teammate discover that the employers do not only pay attention to student academic result but also the educational experiences. The student who study aboard, first hand, are most likely labeled with “adapting well to change” and “working effectively outside one’s comfort zone.” At the same time, the companies that involve international business have a higher preference for the student who studies abroad.

In conclusion, study abroad is beneficial because it helps student open their mind of the world, improves their second language skill, and enhances employment opportunities. There is no question that study oversea costs money, but we could ignore the benefits that study abroad could bring to us. I think study abroad would increase student value for their future, so I suggest people to study oversea in order to have an interesting college life, as well as a significant self-improvement.

Updated: Aug 12, 2021
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