Difficulties of Studying Abroad Essay

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Difficulties of Studying Abroad

The benefits of studying abroad do justify the difficulties due to being new to the country and not knowing where to start from and the difficulty of the foreign language that the student may face.

My advice to the student is that to be familiar with the country that he/she is applying for, so they can be able to communicate with others easily without having to go through a hard time looking through a dictionary to explain themselves and not to feel lost. Mostly the difficulties that the student goes through is the travel and living costs may be considerably higher than a comparable period at your home institution, even if you are receiving a grant to cover some of the costs. Another difficulty that you may face is the academic performance in the foreign language you are aware of could be limited and your understanding wouldn’t be the same as your own language.

Also you might find the type of teaching unproductive; especially if you are going from an environment with lots of teacher/student contact to one with lectures and large classes. Adapting in the social environment, habits, and customs could be difficult. Although all the the difficulties that were mentioned, you can benefit from them by experiencing another educational system that can be instructive and insightful, and an opportunity to get to know and travel around a country in a way that is not possible on a holiday or short visit. Also acquiring advanced language skills can be personally enriching and an asset for your future. As I mentioned before about the benefits and difficulties of studying abroad, I hope I have helped you with my advice with being more familiar in choosing where you will end up in the future.

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