Plot Analysis Of The Death Of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy

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Imagine if your best friends reacted to news of your death with these words, “Gentlemen”, he said, “Ivan Ilyich has died,” and breathed relief that it was not them that had died. Leo Tolstoy wanted to represent the bourgeoisie, as a selfish society, and that has no feelings, Leo Tolstoy compares the bourgeoisie with Ivan.``The Death of Ivan Ilyich,`` infers through the example of Ivan Ilyich and his relationships, how the bourgeoisie was, and shows it as a selfish society which only cared about their to the point that it determined their professional and family relationships.

It is due to status, that Ivan marries a woman who he does not really love. Ivan's wife does not really love him, but is only concerned with the status of society and the large amount of money Ivan earns. In Leo Tolstoy’s novella, Ivan does not love her either. At first Ivan did not accept death, but then he accepted that he would die.

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“by means of his official work and the duties attached to it he begins struggling with his wife to secure his own independence.” Ivan Ilyich's wife does not really love him, and her love is based on the status of society, and moreso, her 'love' is also based on the money Ivan has..

While Ivan is alive, he seems to have many friends, but everyone is only interested in his job. Ivan seems to have many friends, but they are fake, as they are interested not only in his job, but also in the status that being a rich man's friend would bring.

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Ivan only realizes that he has no real friends when he is about to die, as he realizes that he has only friends who called for his job, or for his money. So his friends are similar to his wife, who is only concerned with her status. Ivan has no real friends, his friend actually wants him to die, so that he could give his job to his wife's brother so she would be happy. Their wives do not really love them, so they had to give them presents, so they would be happy, like giving a good job to a brother in law , for example. An example that the text shows, is when his 'friend' Peter Ivanovich, wants to give Ivan's job to his wife's brother, “Having told his wife at dinnertime of Ivan Ilyich`s death, and of his conjecture that it might be possible to get her brother transferred to their circuit, Peter Ivanovich sacrificed his usual nap, put on his evening clothes and drove to Ivan Ilyich's house.” Ivan Ilyich thinks he has many friends, and that he is really loved, but only when he is about to die, he realizes that he lived in a world where people did not really care about him, but want only his money, or his position at work, or even his status in society.

Gerasim and Vladimir. Vladimir was the son of Ivan Ilyich, and to everyone's surprise that he was one of the only people who liked Ivan, who really felt something for him. He was honest, true, and really sad about Ivan's death. The text says that Vladimir is the son of Ivan in the phrase, 'No sir, except Vladimir Ivanovich' (the son) '. Gerasim was the second person who also liked Ivan. Only he and Ivan's son, Vladimir liked him. Gerasim said good things to Ivan, did not lie to him, and really wanted Ivan to be happy. 'Oh, why, sir,' and Gerasim's eyes beamed and he showed his glistening white teeth, 'what's a little trouble? It's a case of illness with you, sir.'. Vladimir and Gerasim were the only people who really liked, or who had a real feeling for Ivan, since other people pretended to like Ivan for status and favors as well. In the text have a example of this “With a look at his wife he indicated his son and said: 'Take him away...sorry for him...sorry for you too....'. In conclusion, i think Ivan did not have many people to count on, as only two people really cared about him, Vladimir (his son) and Gerasim (butler of Ivan's false friend Peter). The first time in his life were the only people who were saddened by Ivan's death.

Ivan had no real friends, everyone wanted only status and privileges. Many of his 'friends' even wanted him to die so that they would give Ivan's job to his wife's brother, so that she would be happy. Ivan just realized he had no real friends when he was about to die. It is interesting to say that Ivan did not like doctors, because they did not tell him that he was going to die. The only people who really were saddened by Ivan's death were Vladimir and Gerasim. In this text i write about the relationships of Ivan with his wife and with his false friends. I write about your death, and as he perceived than nobody really liked him. I wrote about the only people who really got sad about Ivan's death, Vladimir and Gerasim. In society, to this day and age, people often care very much about their appearance, or their financial condition, and the status it gives them. Many friends can also pretend to like you. But these people are pretending to get what they want. A false friendship with ricass people.

Updated: Feb 28, 2024
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