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So, you had been assigned an essay to complete while in JDAP. Even worse, the essay has to be at least 500-words long. As you make a deep sigh and possibly even roll your eyes into the back of your head at the though of this sanction please know you are not alone. Many other youths such as yourself that has found themselves in this program feels your pain as well. Continuing on, as your case manager I will have to read your essay and check it for plagiarism.

With this in mind, I have decided to provide you with an essay example that will hopefully help you in completing this task.

First thing first, if you thought you could just copy and paste some stuff other people have done off the internet be aware that your case manager has mad ninja skills in using plagiarism checkers. Therefor it is highly recommended that if you do use the internet to assist you when you are stuck, use paraphrasing.

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I understand that when you are stuck and find something that says just what you were looking for, it is hard to resist copying it. Unfortunately, this is called plagiarism, and is illegal in many instances. As your JDAP agreement states you will not receive any new law violations, let’s just play on the safe side of caution.

What is paraphrasing? It is when you take something someone else has already said, and you put it in your own words. You can find many examples of paraphrasing though a simple google search.

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Be sure that you do not just omit one or two words from what you have found as plagiarism checks will still pick up on it. Consider this annoying experience a learning opportunity for essays and research papers you will have to complete later in high school or even college. As I hear the echo of ‘well my teachers never checked anything’, consider yourself lucky then as I can assure you colleges today all use plagiarism checkers when you turn your work in. Let’s just go ahead and work on skills that will help you let go of that easy habit through this essay, so you won’t suffer later.

Next to address the elephant in the room, the dreaded 500-word length. I agree it sounds like a lot and can be a bit intimidating. One trick is to type as you think while your working on this essay, as I am doing for this. Consider this a freeform essay. As your case manager, I am looking to see that your essay makes sense, shows that you really thought about the topic, and good honest effort was made. Please feel free to express yourself as well, have a little humor. Do not tell me what you think I want to hear, tell me what you honestly think and feel. I am your case manager, not your English teacher. Also, no, I will not accept in text quotations, unless it is to funny like me.

Just like that, 500 words achieved. Word is awesome like that and tracks the count at the bottom. If your word does not, seek google, it is your second-best friend in life, and it will tell you how to turn word count on or run word count tool. Below you will find a useful site that checks grammar and plagiarism and is the one I, as your case manager, recommend using before you send your essay to me.

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