Pineapple (Ananas comosus) Skin Extract Essay

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Pineapple (Ananas comosus) Skin Extract

Nowadays, people have using different herbal soap that are expensive and less effective. Our aims is to make an effective and cheaper herbal soap. Like pineapple skin , pineapple fruit has some active principles with important . Pineapple Skin has a benefits in making herbal soap because it has that properties that can make the skin look good and protects the skin.

Statement of the Problem

Main Problem:
Does the pineapple skin soap more effective than the other commercial soap? Specific problem:
Is the soap effective on skin?
Will the soap has side effects like irrattion and others?

This study mainly aimed to determine how useful pineapple skins are. The ideal outcome of this study can be achieved by obtaining the following specific objectives: Compare the pineapple skin to other ingredients used in other commercial soap Test the effectiveness of pineapple as a skin cleanser and moisturizer


If pineapple skin is used as an ingredient in a soap, then there would be an effective cleanser as well as moisturizer in one soap

Significance of The
You can make a bathing soap with pineapple skin extract as a moisturizing soap. This plant is very common to our environment, and aside of its avaibility; it is easy to cultivate. It contains many components for moisturizing the skin. This study aims to produce an affordable herbal soap by making use of the natural properties of pineapple skin. And it also improves skin elastic, improve skin hydration, and remove damaged and dead cells and does not mix with chemicals that may damage our skin. It also have antifungal and purifying effect on the skin.

Definition of Terms

Bromelain – is an extract derived from the stems of pineapples. Manganese – a chemical element, designated by the symbol Mn. It has the atomic number 25. It is not found as a free element in nature; it is often found in combination with iron, and in many minerals.

Chapter II: Review of Related Literature

The high vitamin C and bromelain content of pineapple juice make it an effective acne treatment. Bromelain is an enzyme that softens skin and has been used for hundreds of years in South and Central America to fight inflammation and swelling. Raw pineapple is an excellent source of manganese and vitamin C . Applying vitamin C to the skin may have a beneficial effect because of its antioxidant properties. Correctly formulated vitamin C creams may protect against the aging effect of sunlight and reduce winkles, mainly from its stem, pineapple contains a proteilytic enzyme, bromelain, which breaks down protein. If having sufficientr bromelain content, raw pineapple juice may be used as a meat marinade and tenderizer. Pineapple enzymes can interfere with the preparation of some food, such as jellyland other gelatin-based dessert, but would be destroyed during cooking and canning.

The quality of bromelain in the fruit probably not significant, being mostly in the inedible stack. Furthermore, an ingested enzyme like bromelain unlikely to survive intact the proteolytic process of digestion. Pineapple is crammed with vitamins but most of all a very skin friendly enzyme called Bromeliad. With these it fights the damaged done to your skin by free radicals, lifts dirt and dead skin cell. It hydrates and is also know to reduce age spots and fine lines and leaves the skin supple and leaves you with a the softest skin pineapple or a pineapple facial mask can also be a powerful ally in your quest against acne. The high vitamins C and bromelain content of pineapple juice make it an effective acne treatment. Bromelain is an enzyme that soften skin and has been used for hundreds of year in South and Central America to fight inflammation and swelling.

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