Personal Narrative Essay

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Personal Narrative

As I was writing my personal narrative for my composition 1 class, it easily made my mind boggle. After I had got started on my personal narrative, it was easy for me to keep writing and keep following along the story line. The main strength of mine that the essay played to was my creativity and my flexibility for different writings, because I have never written an essay as serious and sad as this one, but I did have to add my happy ending when I finished the story. I wanted it to be very attention grabbing with a twist, but I also wanted it to be very emotional. When we were first assigned this project I had many different ideas of what I wanted to write about, but it took my a long time before I figured out exactly what I wanted to write about.

The main struggle I had was actually starting the essay, because I had no idea where to start. Like I said previously, after I eventually got started it was easy for me to keep going. So the main challenges where how I wanted to start and finish my personal narrative, I was able to overcome these by thinking hard about which way I interpreted my essay would be more entertaining and attention grabbing. I was able to work on expanding my vocabulary during my personal narrative to make it more interesting. I also was about to get better at my sentence structure so that my sentences would not drag on, and it would be easy to read. I still need to improve all almost all of my writing skills. There is always room for improvement.

I especially need to work more on my sentence structure and going more in detail into my scenes and characters. I also need to work on a good balance of going from scene to story to make my essays more readable and more enjoyable. I actually really enjoyed my peer review. My group was, for the most part, very constructive in their feedback. I did not see most of the problems that my group noticed, so I was able to get better at my writing at the same time that they were. I don’t think that I gave the best peer reviews for my group, because I did not have the time and I did not stick to our given questions, but I know that I will be better next time. I think the whole peer review system worked well, I just think that we need more practice at it and we need better communication within our groups. [

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