Perpetual holiday is a good working definition of hell

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Perpetual holiday is a good working definition of hell

Every now and then everybody needs a little holiday, time to themselves. After a long period of working, sunny beaches, snowy mountain peaches or a quiet house by a river together with your family may seem to be as close to paradise as possible. Many would dream of a “never ending holiday” where all you have to do is what you feel like to, but not all fairytales end well. To begin with, in a world where everybody sits around doing nothing, enjoying their life the end would be imminent and quick.

A “global holiday” would mean a sudden stop of production, resources would be consumed in a matter of days or weeks whereas it takes a longer time for them to be produced and even an immediate comeback would generate a great loss. Secondly, during holiday many tend to loosen up, take things less seriously and usually forget the knowledge they have accumulated during the lifetime. This results in not using your brain properly and within some generations information would be lost and progression stagnated. Nonetheless, on the other hand being in a perpetual holiday may positive.

There wouldn`t exist any more stress, worries, rush, responsibilities. People would live longer and happier. The only worry we would have would be how to make us and the others around us more fortunate. We would have time for all our hobbies; we could fulfil the gaps in our social life. Taking these points into consideration, I would say that many of us would be ready to give up their career for a peaceful life but too few think about the consequences of such a choice.


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