Paul Theroux and Gender Stereotypes

Paul Theroux discusses the issues of gender stereotypes, specifically those of men. He goes on to argue the toll that these expectations have caused many people, especially writers. To Theroux, to be a man is 'an unmerciful and punishing burden' that is unescapable, even in the era of feministic influence (169).

Men must prove to everyone that they express 'masculinity', that they are an empty shell, thoughtless and emotionless (168). As a writer, males must first prove to be masculine by hunting, drinking, competing and winning in sports.

Without showing these qualities, they would not be accepted in their own profession. Theroux expresses the pressures of being a man in society and informs others of the subconscious actions that are provoking stereotypes of what a man should be.

In this time and age, people continue to possess an old state of mind that past generations have invested in every day society. Theroux had mentioned that he 'disliked' being a man, for most men are downgraded and generalized through what some may call the majority' (166).

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However, the majority is only the few numbers that many believe to represent the whole existence of men or woman.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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