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Who am I to tell you who I am? Depending on the certain, specific story I can have many different characteristics that describe me. Except, not just one word can portray who I am, or for a matter of fact, it can’t portray who anyone is. I believe how we act shows people who we are and how we react tells us who we are. Our actions can depict who we are as a person, but that’s not all.

Who we are comes from deep down, in the soul. Another problem with our self-image is that who we may think we are may be different from who others see us as. Often times, how we feel about ourselves can transfer into how we seem in the stories we tell.

For instance, if you have high self-esteem you may display yourself in a more positive way through your words. On the other hand, if you look at yourself poorly then you may come across in more of a negative state.

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I feel like I am rather neutral in this field, it varies per day who I am and how I put myself out there. Our characteristics and traits are shaped through our past and what we’ve gone through. Not many people see others on that level and are so quick to judge their stories from superficial information they’re told. Other people don’t know where I grew up, places I’ve been to, or things I’ve seen.

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My parents raised me in the same town my mother grew up, which I seem to find rather neat. From there on in the Wrightsville I became the person I am today thanks to my friends, teachers, and family. When I meet someone, these are not the first things I reveal. Normally everyone introduces themselves with the basics, for example; name, age, and/or hobbies. Once you get to know me my storytelling gets much more detailed and more interesting I hope. I have a hard to leaving out minor parts and end up going on for a while. If I had to describe myself with one word, it would have to be wholesome. I am a wholesome person, I care about most things and am respectful to all. I feel like you can infer these traits from listening to me share a story. I have a poor habit for exaggerating from time to time, but who doesn’t.

Self-worth means a lot to me because if you don’t believe in yourself then who is going to, so that’s why my storytelling and voice is important. Almost every story I share, every moment I impart has a sense of humor to it. I have always been a funny kid growing up and I am almost positive I got this characteristic from my father, he too is quite the comedian. Sometimes it’s good, but sometimes it can be bad.

With this blessing comes a price, I have trouble knowing when to turn off my humor and I can bring wit to serious matters. Unlike the olden days, storytelling can be greatly affected my social media. It’s not that uncommon to find fake news and false statements in other people’s stories on the internet. It can be rather challenging to find the truth in some of these stories. We have the option to be honest, kind, and thoughtful every single day, hopefully you make the right choice. Not only do you tell your stories, but others tell stories about you. The only way to ensure these stories about you are positive and upbeat is to choose correctly each and every day.

From the biography by Bruce Hood, The Self Illusion: How the Social Brain Creates Identity, he states “Each morning, we wake up and experience a rich explosion of consciousness… For that briefest of moments we are not sure who we are and the suddenly “I,” the one that is awake, awakens.” In this quote you get an understanding how valuable life is and there is a bit of new and freshness in every morning. Just from reading his exert I can pick out a few character traits and I can put together an idea of who his is as a speaker. Hood has an optimistic view of the world and this is shown through his ideas and stories. I aspire to have a view on life like his, so bright and sanguine. Many aspects of your life can reflect in what your storytelling about yourself is.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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