Paleo Indians, Archaic Indians and the Chumash

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I will discuss to you about three types of cultures the Paleo Indians, Archaic Indians and the Chumash. You will learn how different regions cope with their environments and what changes were made to survive. You will understand how they took in the changes and how they adapted to them. It will give you understanding of who they were and their way of life.

While the Paleo Indians were out hunting game along the Rocky Mountains they came to the Western Hemisphere.

The Western Hemisphere isn't the only thing they found, they came to an area that had extreme amount of game and it made it easy to hunt.

Having to survive the colder climates they learned to use mammoth bone to make needles to sew the hide together for clothing, housing, and any other uses they may need. Since mammoths were very large, they had learned that if they sink the extra meat in the icy cold river that the meat would last longer for later use.

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With the over hunting of mammoths, they eventually became extinct, the climate control of the environment could have had some effect to the extinction as well. Mammoths couldn't tolerate the higher heat climates that were progressing.

With the extinction Paleo Indians learned to hunt for small game and use the resources that mother nature provided in order to survive. Like the mammoths the Paleo Indians started to disappear by adapting to the environmental changes and spreading out.

Much like the Paleo Indians the Archaic Indians had similar survival skills.

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They are descendants of the Paleo Indians (9). Archaic Indians hunted large game such as bison using similar items such as spears for the kill. They used "traps, nets, and hooks for smaller game" (9).

Like the Paleo Indians they too used the resources of mother nature for food. The Archaic Indians learned to weave baskets making gathering food and storing the food easier and last longer. The Great Plains Hunters never stayed in one place very long they moved around but always came back to the rivers. Over time they began to have more permanent settlements in the North America area.

In the "Great Basin located between Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains" (11) the Archaic Indians had an environment that worked for them. In this area they ate more nuts and plant items to conserve the amount of fish they ate from the river. No matter how the world changed around them they continued with the ways of their life for centuries.

Along Pacific Coast many different tribes as in hundreds speaking many different languages settled in California. The Chumash were one of many who made their living permanent, due to the food resource of acorns. With so many acres having acorn it caused many arguments between each other for territory grounds to gather acorns.

Over time cultures learned to work with each other and even shared the way they hunted and gathered food. Later as time passed, they used resources out of the sea and caught salmon, halibut, and other fish. They used these resources for trade with people. Because they had good skills with timber, they made canoes for fishing, hunting and for other means against the other tribes.

I have been told by my mother that we have Comanche Indian in our blood. Where it fits in the tree line of my history I do not know. Indian life, styles has been always interesting to me, the way they learn on their own. Accomplishment they made over time to survive, fighting cold weathers, always traveling for food resources.

Overall reading over the different cultures they all learned how they adapted and change to their environment. Each culture had some similarities such as what they hunted, what their food resources were such as nuts, fish, and wild game.

They all used what they had to survive rather it was making their own clothes or making trade with others. When it came to it different cultures learned to live with each and use the same techniques.

Here you will know how the decades made British Colonies and how they turned people into slaves. I am going to discuss the movement of slavery and how people lived through the life of slaving. How it began and ended for the slaves of most people. I will give you my understanding on American slavery and how I feel about it.

After years of experiments, English settlers learned they could make a fortune growing tobacco. The English sent a bunch of tobacco to European markets that people were able to buy it more often. Settlers lived for the tobacco agriculture, and their need for labor attracted people from all over. At first English settlers would work hard for they were getting a great reward out of what they were putting into it. By the mid-seventeenth century they were able to buy hundreds of, land for very little.

Many people who were wanting to go work on tobacco fields couldn't afford the trip over the seas for it was a year worth of wages. In return they came up with the new rule or law called indentured. The people would sign a contract to work years for a person on the fields before they could gain their freedom back. The first Africans to arrive in Virginia came on the White Lion ship. Just about all African descent were slaves and stayed that way for life. Even though a majority, of indentured servants were whites from England.

When they arrived to, their destination the captain sold those people's rights to others to become laborers to tobacco planters. Servants had no control over who bought them and either did the planters. Many people would die before their time was up, the planters didn't mind much for they would get fifty acres of land for new servants. Many people didn't have experience in agricultural work, but they learned in time.

Women as well were just a good as men when it came to work and just as valuable. They made law to keep people in their place. They would make them server longer terms for petty wrong doings. Women were not allowed to wed or have children if they did before their time was up, they would have to serve and pay a fine.

Men would try to keep the women in the system by forcing themselves on them. If the woman got out of her freedom and married but was pregnant at the time of marriage, she was not allowed to serve to master she was still bond by servitude.

Slavery became the south in the eighteenth century, changing the economy, politics, and society. A majority lived in the Chesapeake area, whites and blacks. They took to new productions of rice and indigo. Over time the slave population grew by nature, they did not choose to become a part of the colonies.

Many, Africans were taken by kidnapping or captured in the war and they were sold into slavery by their own kind. Fifteen percent of slaves were brought to the southern colonies threw ships from the West. Many other slaves came from Africa, and the ships that brought them were owned by British merchants. Thousands died crew man, slaves for smallpox or dysentery. Dehydration was a cause as well from vomiting, diarrhea and perspiration, along with the shortage of water to drink.

I never did like slavery, even as a child learning about it. I find it to be ugly how people treated others to get what they wanted. All because of greed of money, and leadership of owning. In some ways our times have not changed much, there still greed of money and wanting the power to control a state. People dying by other people women, men, children over racialism.

Hundreds of people being kidnapped for trafficking, still being sold to others to be locked up and used for their purpose. So why don't we have better systems to control these things? I feel we don't for it has gotten worse over time and soon we will be living the days as it was then. When are the people going to learn that we make decision to better our life, styles for all?

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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