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Overview of Digital Privacy Law in Australia

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 6 (1287 words)
Categories: Australia, Identity, Law, Society
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A state in which one isn’t watched or irritated by other individuals is called privacy. Many of Australians are suffering from invasion of digital privacy from the increasing use of digital Medias such as cell phones; eftpos attached cards and other digital Medias.

Digital Privacy is an aggregate definition that incorporates three sub-related classifications; data protection, correspondence security, and individual security.  The term refers to a type of computerized misrepresentation that draws Internet clients to counterfeit sites where they are deceived into uncovering their secret data’s such as passwords and usernames of crucial sites.

According to the research report produced by the Office of the Australian Information Commission, over 80% of the Australians owned the Woolworth and Cole’s loyalty card (Click Frenzy, 2012).

But, it was found the information collected by both companies was handled transparently and was in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. Though it was noticed that most of the customers were not aware about their crucial data was being collected and was stored by the companies, consumers were still using the loyalty cards without acknowledging the loyalty programs.

This research shows that Australians’ own and expert lives are being changed by computerized interruption, while administrators, innovation and corporate blocks neglect to accept it. Invasion of digital privacy doesn’t only include theft of information such as passwords and usernames.

Different types of web protection dangers are mentioned below:

  • Phishing: An Internet hacking action used to take secure client information, including username, secret phrase, financial balance number, security PIN or charge card number.
  • Pharming: An Internet hacking action used to divert a real site guest to an alternate IP address.
  • Spyware: A disconnected application that acquires information without a client’s assent. At the point when the PC is on the web, recently gained information is sent to the spyware source.
  • Malware: An application used to wrongfully harm on the web and disconnected PC clients through Trojans, infections and spyware.

It is important to safeguard the data and information on the system from virus, worms or from the malicious act of theft. Hackers nowadays used different kind of software’s such as virus, worm, and Trojan and spyware. All these software’s allows them to get the information on different computers and sometimes also allows using consumer’s device from their device.

The above mentioned act may also sometimes lead to identity theft allowing them to gain financial advantage. According to the article published on Global News on December 12, 2018 on the topic fraud report increased to 89% in 5 years and criminals want e-money presented the number of identity theft reported in between the years 2013 TO 2017 (Karen Bartko, 2018).

Police say criminals often contact victims in a variety of ways, including over the phone, e-mail, text or social media. EPS say in many cases, the fraudsters often speak the same language as their victims and their calls may appear to come from legitimate police or government phone numbers. But, the identity theft is targeted to the high profile people and financial stable personnel.

Because of that, police aforementioned they need developed a booklet that may be on the market in the least divisional stations and at alternative agencies that assist newcomers. The force aforementioned it plans to own the brochures on the market in multiple languages within the close to future.

The fraud awareness electronic communication also will seem in multi-language ads across town and on-line, beginning in 2019. Leveraging a range of ways, hackers will simply take over a legitimate social media account, distributive denigrating or malicious content to the planet. The severity of repercussions is directly correlate to however before long the takeover is detected and remediated the longer it goes unobserved, the additional important the implications.

Yes, the people who are vulnerable in some way need more privacy than others. Attackers send malicious links on to associate organization’s staff with a well-crafted arrange to disguise their intentions. To create matters worse, all of this exists outside of ancient security perimeters.

It may also affect their family relations which may harm their mental condition. Private info, maliciously or erroneously announce on social media, becomes instantly public. This info MasterCard numbers, social insurance numbers, email addresses, bit coin wallets, Personal Health info (PHI), phone numbers or confidential company info is collected, bought and sold on social media.

The Australian laws are also made in accordance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR) since both countries practice the law with similar requirements. Both of the laws are technically neutral, and enhance transparency in the storage of customer’s data.

Though Australian government and business practice the GDPR, legal advice, evaluation of data handling and the required changes on the system before the implementation are done. All corporations ought to remember of major regional information privacy legislation.

The GDPR, specifically, can have an effect on nearly everybody and because it appears to be the foremost restrictive, it is smart to begin thinking that the regulation can apply to them. Information security and privacy professionals got to assess their environments and make sure that if they are doing business or use somebody from the EU, GDPR can apply to them.

There can be plenty of amendment within the information privacy sphere in 2018 and even countries just like the U.S.A. will find yourself compliant with these frameworks to satisfy business necessities and written agreement obligations.

Under the NDB theme, eligible Australian organizations are currently needed to report information breaches to relevant parties wherever “serious harm” is judged to be potentialSerious damage will be psychological, financial, reputational, emotional, physical or otherwise, however isn’t specifically outlined on the far side that.

Instead, the interior method of distinctive breaches suggests – however doesn’t expressly state – that the severity of damage is to be determined by the corporate that full-fledged the breach and not those whose information was accessed.

In distinction to the current, the GDPR’s notifying directions give no severity needs, which means any and every one breaches should be reportable unless they’re unlikely to end in “a risk to the rights and freedoms” of somebody.

I do believe that the legislators should pass new laws to protect privacy, given the new technologies and products that now collect information about us (Alan Earl, 2016). It must include all of the following points.

  • Controlling or Coercive Behavior
  • False or Offensive Social Media Profiles
  • Disclosing private sexual images without consent
  • Context and Approach
  • The Public Interest

Everyone needs to be responsible in their own way. Everyone needs to try on their level to make the cyber world more secure and reliable. People do not understand how their information is accessed and can be misused. They don’t have any idea about the risks that can occur and they don’t know the reasons and ways their security can be harmed or their identity can be stolen in any way. It can be used in various ways online. People need to be responsible towards this term Cyber Security.

A gap associate degree analysis is an audit wherever you compare your current achievements against what you really would like. Playacting a niche analysis against the controls listed in baccalaureate ISO/IEC 27002 will change you to spot areas wherever your business must improve its cyber security.

It is value keeping the answers you offer to the queries below; as a result of if you perform a succeeding gap analysis you’ll see however your responses have modified. Moreover, if you would like external facilitate to enhance your cyber security, your gap analysis results can create it easier for consultants to figure out what assist you would like and the way it may value your time.

Basically, while not the threat of public shame or a large fine, there’s restricted incentive for businesses to suits the privacy act. The chance is that if international hackers realize it more durable to breach business security measures in countries that take knowledge security seriously, they’re doubtless to envision Australian firms as soft targets.

Debit success’ highest level of compliance with privacy law in places North American nation at the forefront of companies UN agency take data security seriously. We have a tendency to powerfully accept as true with the read that there has to be a collective effort across government, monetary establishments and businesses among Australia, if we have a tendency to be to avoid changing into a soft target for hacker.


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  • Earl, A., (2016). The Law and Social Media.Smith, R.G., Identity theft and fraud. Handbook of Internet Crime.debitsuccess.com.au/australia-soft-target-hackers/ bsi website

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