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Oftentimes we will turn to a news channel to find out what

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Oftentimes, we will turn to a news channel to find out what is occurring in the world around us. Sadly, we will oftentimes find various news commentators who simply refuse to report on the truth of a matter. Whether it be because the subject does not match their political views, or simply because they are fearful of being scoffed for reporting the truth.

However, the excellent news commentator will speak with honesty on a particular subject; putting his own personal bias aside.

As time goes on, many reporters seem to be forgetting the importance of reporting without prejudice. The purpose of this essay is to explain the tremendous importance of reporting unbiased.

The first essential element of unbiased reporting is to research a topic thoroughly before reporting on it. Without proper knowledge of a particular topic, a news commentator may flounder and merely resort to bias opinions. But the expert news reporter relies on facts and truth; not his own subjective opinion.

Clearly, if a reporter does not research a matter then he will not be prepared to report about it honestly and truthfully.

The second and most irrefutable reason behind bias reporting is political party. The shocking moment when a newscaster no longer shows respect for the interviewee simply because of his party affiliation is depressing yet common. Sometimes a news channel may seem more like a debate between different political parties than an actual news report!

However, the expert news commentator will set his political views aside, and report with integrity and respect.

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When a person desires the sincere truth of a matter, he will often turn to the unbias and respectful news reporter; rather than a reporter who is trying to manipulate people to join his political affiliation. It may prove difficult to put opinions aside and do genuine research on a topic to remain unbiased in reporting. Nevertheless, the respect a reporter will gain from his peers and news watchers is invaluable. The news reporter who trudges onward to report on the truth of a particular event (despite the fear in his heart of how others will react to the truth) is quite respectable. If more and more news reporters remain bias and refuse to report the truth then the future of news reporting and journalism may be doomed to be no longer about the truth, but rather, subjective opinion and favoritism.


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