Of Mice and Men Book Report Essay

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Of Mice and Men Book Report

In the book “Of Mice & Men” the two main characters are George and Lennie. The setting of the story seems to be set back in the early 1900’s or the late 1800’s by the dialect they use. The two characters have a unique relationship. The first character is a small quick man with strong features his name is George. The other man is very large with a shapeless face and is also quite slow his name is Lennie. Throughout the story these two characters complement each other fairly nicely. Even though Lennie gets on Georges nerves most of the time it is very entertaining to read. First of all, the character George is the one that takes care of Lennie and makes sure that he doesn’t get into any trouble. I know that George sometimes has regret about having Lennie with him, it proves this when George said “If I was alone I could live so easy.

I could go get a job an’ work, an’ no trouble. No mess at all.” Even so I could always tell that he deeply cares for Lennie. Overall George is a loyal friend to Lennie and dealt with Lennie no matter what, even when I came to the end George only did what he felt was right for Lennie. On the other hand, Lennie Is a gentle giant that is totally oblivious to his extraordinary body strength. During the beginning of the story is says that Lennie is very tactile and doesn’t know his own strength; it backs this up when George reminded Lennie of what he did in Weed. In weed Lennie spotted a lady with a dress of a soft fabric, and because Lennie doesn’t understand cause and effect he doesn’t think of what could happen.

So Lennie grabbed the dress and naturally the lady got frightened and screamed, but simple Lennie held on without realizing he was bothering someone. Together George and Lennie have a very entertaining relation as I stated previously. George and Lennie are exactly two different people which helps there dynamic such as; Big-Small and Dumb-Smart. Throughout the book the way that the two interacted with each other intensified for me.

At first I felt like Lennie was a burden on George and was just a guy Lennie’s Aunt Clara dumped upon George. But as the story Progressed the relationship and the interaction became deeper and almost felt as if they were family. In conclusion the book really showed me about truly unique friendships. George and Lennie are models for me. It showed me that any interactions can lead to a deep, serious friendship. Also that even though George and Lennie seem like two different people they can still become closer than brothers.

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