Noel Gallagher the Singer Who Conquered Me

Noel Gallagher is the most underrated songwriter. If you don’t know who he is, you prove my point. He was the songwriter of Oasis writing the hit songs “Wonderwall”, “Don’t Look Back In Anger”, and “Live Forever”. He also played guitar for the band and sung about a quarter of the Oasis songs. His brother, Liam Gallagher, sang most of the songs being the lead singer of the band.

To start, I need to give a background on Noel Gallagher.

He was born in Manchester, UK on May 29, 1967. He has two other brothers, Liam and Paul. Their father physically abused them as children. Because of the abuse, Noel developed a stutter but, Noel said it gave him a drive to make something of himself. He briefly references his dark past in the song “D’You Know What I Mean?” with the lyrics “I met my maker I made him cry, and on my shoulder he asked me why, his people won't fly through the storm, I said, ‘Listen up man, they don't even know you're born’” (Oasis, 1997).

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This references how he left his father behind and then became the biggest band in the world while never talking to his father.

Noel wasn't in Oasis initially. It was the guitarist’s band, Paul Arthurs (AKA Bonehead), and he was looking singer and had Liam Gallagher audition. Liam got the job and then they were looking for a manager. By that time, Noel was a drum technician for another band so Liam called over Noel to be another guitarist and the songwriter.

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So Noel showed them the song “Supersonic” and had Liam sing it. Supersonic ended up being the first single on the first album.

According to, Over the years of Oasis, they Noel wrote three billboard top 100 songs, Wonderwall, Don’t Look Back in Anger and The Shock of the Lighting. They sold 41 million copies of their albums collectively worldwide and going 30 times platinum in the United Kingdom, alone.

This all might sound like Noel isn’t underrated, but when you look at the United States, he isn’t well known. In fact, Oasis never really got big in the United States. The first time they came, they took a drug that someone gave to them thinking it was cocaine and it happened to be a hard drug. They didn’t know it at the time and took a lot of it and ended up staying up for three days straight. By the time they needed to perform, they were tired and all played different songs at the same time. During the same trip, Noel had enough of Liam being stupid and threatened to leave the band and flew back to the UK. They never had a good feeling about the US after that.

Oasis fell through in 2009 when Noel and Liam got into an argument ten minutes before a show at a major festival in France. Liam said something at noel and then Noel threw a plum at Liam and left for good. After that Noel went on to be a solo artist as “Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds”.

Noel’s songwriting is very thought out and almost like magic. Most of his songs got famous because people like the riffs and drum beats to the song. That’s what the mainstream people look for in music. But if you look deeper down at the lyrics of the songs, his words mean so much more. In the song “Little By Little” he wrote the lines “True perfection has to be imperfect. I know that that sounds foolish but it's true. Day has come, now you'll have to accept life inside your head we give to you.”(Oasis, 2002). He is talking about consciousness and the voice inside your head. The line “true perfection needs to be imperfect” is a very deep statement because nothing can be perfect. Everything has its flaws. It’s all about how you interpret the thing you see or are experiencing that makes something perfect. Such as a perfect relationship isn't perfect. It has its ups and downs.

In the song, from his solo work, “If I Had A Gun…” he has the line “Excuse me if I spoke too soon, my eyes have always followed you around the room ‘cause you’re the only God I’ll ever need. I’m holding on, waiting for the moment to find me.” (Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, 2011). This is one of my favorite lines he wrote and to me, it means that he is confessing his love to a girl and he’s waiting for her to feel the same way.

Noel’s favorite song “The Masterplan” is the most lyrically thought out song of his. It is about how there is no masterplan. He means to say that everyone is free and is able to do what they want and to live in the moment and not in the future. He is saying that there is no inevitable destiny and that you need to make your own path. “Dance if you wanna dance, please brother take a chance you know they're gonna go which way they wanna go, all we know is that we don't know, how it's gonna be please brother let it be, life on the other hand won't make us understand, We're all part of a Masterplan.”(Oasis, 1998).

Noel’s work has been left to dry after the band broke up. A very few amount of people get into Oasis these days. I’ve been to his concert and it was full of people who were in their teens when they were a band. Their demographic is aging. It is most likely because of the classic rock twist to his songs. Noels biggest influence is The Beatles. It is very prominent in their songs as well. He makes references to Beatles songs as seen in a YouTube Video by the YouTuber, ThisIsIchycoo. The video “The Beatles & Oasis (Oasis Songs with Beatles References)”shows all the Beatles references. In “Supersonic” there is a line “You can ride with me in my yellow submarine.” obviously referencing the song, “Yellow Submarine” and in the song “Fade In-Out” he wrote “So get on the Helter Skelter”. There is also a part in “Don’t Look Back In Anger” where he wrote “so I start a revolution from my bed” referencing a famous John Lennon and Yoko picture of them sitting in bed calling for peace (ThisIsIchycoo, 2013).

He also sometimes makes songs with the same structure as Beatles songs. The song “Let There Be Love” has a close structure to “Let It Be” and the song “All around the World” is a parallel to “Hey Jude”. The songs don’t sound alike but the structures of the songs are similar. Both All Around The World and Hey Jude are seven minute songs with the second half repeating the title of the song in a upbeat way.

This is what separates Oasis from other bands that have similarities with The Beatles. Other bands try to take the Beatles sound and use it to their advantage. But Oasis takes it, and renovated it making it their own. They made it more raunchy and have more adrenaline in the songs. The way that Noel took something and made it his own while also referencing them to show gratitude is something a very few amount of people can do and be successful with it.

Noel Gallagher's songs have been made as anthems in the United Kingdom. According to The Guardian, right after the Ariana Grande Manchester concert bombing, people gathered the streets for a vigil. One lady started to sing “Don’t Look Back In Anger” and then everyone else joined in. The song went from being a hit song, to being the song that lifted spirits of thousands of people. It made people realize that they shouldn't looking back at what just happened but look to the future. Noel, who has all the rights to the song, gave the rights to the One Love campaign for the victims of the tragedy. The song is a million dollar song. (The Guardian, 2017).

Updated: Dec 15, 2021
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