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Nigeria My Country Essay Examples

Essay on Nigeria My Country

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Military vs Civilian Government in Nigeria

Most infrastructural developments in the country where done under the military regime e.g. - the famous lagos-ibadan expressway - Gowon, the plan was to make that expressway all the way to ilorin. - lagos international airport (known now as MMIA) - Gowon - building of oil refineries - Gowon - 3rd Mainland bridge - Babangida - effective law & order - Buhari - dealing with foreign companies (e.g...

Problem of Elections in Nigeria

In this regard all elected officers ranging from the Presidency, the Governors to the Local Government Chairmen should step down before the general election is conducted, this due to the fact that, such officials have influence over the election in their respective domain, they have the power to hijack the electioneering materials thereby dictating the area where ballot boxes would be sent to and ...

Colonization and Negative Effects of Imperialism in Nigeria

Most of the negative effects of imperialism in Nigeria had been caused by one source. Overall, the lackluster governing body and its non-existent progress, the differences and misgivings between ethnic and religious groups, and the unbridled corruption all add to the problems of Nigeria. Though not all directly caused by the British invasion, most are rooted in the fact that the British dramatica...

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Corruption Issues in No Longer at Ease

He had lost his mother and his lover, plus he found himself constantly out of place and ill at ease. He longed for complacency and contentment—for the kind of attitude that Christopher, an educated friend much like himself, was able to take on. Perhaps he even took the bribes to illustrate that he knew the way things worked that he, too, even if he had gone away for four years, knew how the ways...

Government Issues in Nigeria Public Administration

There had been cases of accountants, auditor, lawyers etc. In connection with financial crimes and looting (see Nigerian guardian, Jan. 25, 2004, the punch, Nov. 23, ’05). The above cases, were that of competent and qualified professionals who on merit were appointed or selected to service the public but who abuse that merit and office for selfish interest (special – meritocracy). And many in ...

African Culture in Folktales

Those kinds of tales above are just some examples of the huge African folktales repertory, and the subcategories which take a major role in the African and Nigerian culture and society, reflecting the animals that abound there. In conclusion, I can say that folktales plays an important role in the African Society, even more than books or other kind of source, this is because in Africa are very few...

Economy and Social Class System of Nigeria

However, there is great hope at the same time, because Nigeria is a country that has learned to make positive changes and learned from many of these changes, such as the democratization of the Nigerian state. Nigeria has learned to adapt and deal with many of their national issues, therefore if necessary changes are made in order to diversify the wealth produced by the exploited economy. The "nati...

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