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I like horror books but I love them because when I was younger, my brother and I were in our family’s attic, while I was exploring the attic, I came across a book that initially belonged to my father. The book was called ‘The Lurker in the Shadows’ and the author that wrote the book was named H.P. Lovecraft. He made sci-fi horror stories in the late 1880's. When I was reading it I became so obsessed I read the book so many times.

After reading H.P. Lovecraft’s book I knew that I wanted to write books but not just ordinary books but horror books.

The hardest point of my life was at the beginning of when I was even famous because of writing books. Years after I was married to my wife, Tabitha Spruce. I was poor and my wife and I had to live in a trailer. Tabitha and I worked multiple jobs that would help us get money to pay for the taxes and provide food.

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But after I finished work, I usually go and write books that would fortunately make lots of money but after making my first book I tried publishing it to well-known book companies but unfortunately my book got rejected, I got many rejection letter that I had a system where I collect all my rejection letters and I would nail them on my trailer wall. But finally I sold my first book “The Glass Floor” for $35. My award-winning book, Carrie, was not best-selling at first.

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I had a dozen rejection until I sold it to Doubleday Publishing, but the hardback copy sold only 13,000 copies. After I sold my book, this company called Signet Book signed for the paperback rights for $400,000 which half for the amount went to me.

Stephen King was born in America, Portland, September 21, 1947. His parents, Nellie and Donald King, split up when he was at a very young age. He and his brother David had to divided his time between his mother’s place and his father’s place (both located in Connecticut and Indiana) for several years. But years later Stephen King and his brother moved to Maine with is mother and from there he went to Lisbon Falls High School and graduated in 1966. Stephen King had to attend the university of Maine at Orono because he had to stay close to home. From there he wrote and published his short story “Startling Mystery Stories” and also wrote for his school’s newspaper. In 1970 Stephen King graduated university with a degree in English. Stephen King wanted to be a teacher but he could not find a position. So Stephen King took a job in a laundry room but he still wrote stories during his breaks in the laundry. But in his late 1971 he finally began working as what he wanted to be, a teacher. He works at Hampden Academy but that was the year he married his wife, Tabitha Spruce.

Updated: Apr 08, 2022
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