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Network Security Essay Examples

Essay on Network Security

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Reconnaissance and Probing Using Zenmap

Summary Hackers typically follow a five-step method to look for and destroy targeted hosts. The very first action in carrying out an attack is to plan the attack by determining the target and learning as much as possible about it. Hackers generally perform a preliminary reconnaissance and probing scan to identify IP hosts, open ports, and services enabled on servers and workstations. In this laboratory, you planned an attack on 24 where the VM server farm lives, and utilized…...

Problem Solving and Maintaining an Individual’s Confidentiality

Even though parents, children and practitioners have the right to confidentiality there are some occasions where maintaining confidentiality is not possible and must be broken. If there are concerns over a child’s wellbeing, this must be reported or if you are aware of a criminal offence, you are again obliged to report it to the correct authorities. If confidentiality is broken it must be done in the appropriate way and according to the policies of the setting. It can be…...

Configuring and Maintaining Network Security

Because this is only a test deployment, you will be using a Windows 8 computer to function as the web server. In this exercise, you will install Internet Information Services on your workstation and then configure it to host two websites. Mindset Internet Information Services enables you to configure websites to use specific port numbers. This makes it possible to test the functionality of Windows Firewall. Completion time 15 minutes Question 1 What URLs could you use in your computer’s…...

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Sms Based Barcode Attendance Monitoring System

Cash is not a thing that you might find anywhere when you require it. It is about hard work to have money. Parents were the ones who work hard to be able to send their children into different respective or even eminence schools, from primary, high school and college to be particular. They would take the risk of investing their money just to assure the quality education of their kids. But what if there is not a problem with the…...

Cyber Security With Automated Monitoring Attendance System

The problem and its scope In this paper we propose a system that automates the whole process of taking attendance and maintaining its records in an academic institute. Managing people is a difficult task for most of the organizations, and maintaining the attendance record is an important factor in people management. When considering academic institutes, taking the attendance of students on daily basis and maintain the records is a major task. Manually taking the attendance and maintaining it for a…...

Industrial Security Plan

Roles and Responsibilities of Industrial Safety and Security Officers Safety and security in the industrial setting are elements that are required for the safety of the plant, its staff, and the public in the surrounding area. As a constantly evolving process, the use of safety and security officers is also paramount in the enforcement of policies and procedures to decrease or eliminate injury or loss. Safety and security personnel are “responsible for enforcing organization rules and regulations concerning security and…...

Network Security Plan

INTRODUCTION (Purpose and Intent) The Corporation Tech IT Network Security Plan establishes guidelines for IT practices used on a day to day basis to provide a secure and robust computing environment. These practices are used in order to protect the mission, operation, and reputation of Corporation Tech System and its information systems. These system security policies, standards, and procedures that have been established for the Corporation Tech System, are intended to comply with the regulations and policies set down by…...

Snort and Wireshark

When running Snort IDS why might there be no alerts? There are couple reasons when running Snort IDS there might be no alerts. The first one could be related to settings because the administrator has to set Snort IDS to its optimum settings in order to get any alerts. Since Snort works by ruleset, it can be mistakenly set up to a port other than what the network is using. The mistake can be done by either keeping the Snort…...

Ping Sweeps and Port Scans

Recently, it was brought to my attention that there are concerns about some activities on the network that can be considered less than trustworthy. Specifically, the concerns are regarding network traffic called ping sweeps and port scans. I’m putting together this paper to explain how ping sweeps and port scans impact our network traffic. First we must understand what these two things do before we can understand how they are used to impact a network. I’ll start with ping sweeps.…...

Reaction Paper Information Security

Right now we are living in a world where information is very abundant and mostly open to everyone because of the internet. Security and privacy are big issues nowadays and someone has to do some actions regarding these issues. People dealing with the security and privacy of information belong to the field of Information Security, and we are lucky to meet someone knowledgeable about this field of work. Last February 27 at BA Multimedia Room of Saint Therese Building, we…...

Technical Description of a Computer

Computers are basically all around us now and they have become part of our dally living. Not only can it perform calculations much more quickly than a person can, It can also do many complex tasks simultaneously. Thanks to the computers, they help us make the complicated Jobs much easier, help us to do tasks quicker and communicate with friends and family with one click, and play a significant role In the school system as well. The computer has significantly…...

Cybercrime Continue to Rise

Cybercrime is increasing at an alarming rate worldwide with more than a million people becoming victims every single day, according to the Norton Cybercrime Report 2011. The victims of cybercrime also paid dearly with a total loss of US$388bil (RM1. 21bil) to cybercriminals in 2010. Effendy Ibrahim, director of consumer business at Symantec Asia Pacific, said that cybercrimes don’t only cost victims financially but emotionally too. On average, it takes 10 days for a victim to recover from a cybercrime…...

Is Google Making Us Stupid by Nicholas Carr

In his article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid,” Nicholas Carr, a former executive editor of the Harvard Business Review and a member of the steering board for the World Economic Forum’s cloud computing project, criticizes the overall impact of the internet, as a whole, on the human process of thought, comparing his past level of conception to “a scuba diver in a sea of words” whereas his current understanding simply “zip[s] along the surface” (Carr 68). Carr targets the prominent…...

Video Conferencing

One could say that the ability to communicate is a key to success. Merriam Webster’s defines communication as a verbal or written message and also the technology of the transmission of information (as by print or telecommunication) (http://aolsvc. merriam-webster. aol. com). There are various ways people communicate today, face-to-face, on the phone, the Internet, radios, television to name a few. This paper will focus on one mode of communication called Video Conferencing. This paper will provide a detailed description of…...

Internet Security

Everyone has the right to privacy. This is the right to not have details about our lives to be held or circulated without our knowledge/consent. Data of personnel nature are collect every so often by organisations. For example:  Employers hold personnel records that include data on address, age, qualification, salary, sick leave and so on. Stores hold detail on credit card payment, accounts history, items purchased;  Banks hold details on salary, income and withdrawals, direct debits to various organisations; Insurance…...

Solution for Cryptography and Network Security 4th Edition

Passive attacks: release of message contents and traffic analysis. Active attacks: masquerade, replay, modification of messages, and denial of service.  The assurance that the communicating entity is the one that it claims to be. Access control: The prevention of unauthorized use of a resource (i. e. , this service controls who can have access to a resource, under what conditions access can occur, and what those accessing the resource are allowed to do). Data confidentiality: The protection of data from…...

Access control

The purpose of this policy is to define standards for connecting to Richman Investments network from any host. These standards are designed to minimize the potential exposure to Richman Investments from damages which may result from unauthorized use of Richman Investments resources. Damages include the loss of sensitive or company confidential data, intellectual property, damage to public image, damage to critical Richman Investments internal systems, etc. Scope This policy applies to all Richman Investments employees, contractors, vendors and agents with…...

Authentication and Authorization Methodologies

Authentication and Authorization Methodologies Authentication and Authorization MethodologiesIn our generation digital environment is highly vulnerable to attacks such as hackers and spammers. Therefore, implementing authentication and authorization are the most vital factors should be put in place when it comes to the security of information. The system meant for authentication purpose in any organization must be integrated in a manner that guarantees customer's security of their data. Organizations led by Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Information Officer (CIO) together with…...

Privacy Protection And Confidentiality In Medical IoT

Abstract. The central issue of any IoT device is its security in sharing data. Different methods have been proposed for sharing of data from an IoT device. The range of security in these methods are different. This paper is a comparative study of these security schemes to determine which scheme allows the fastest and most accurate output. Our nd-ings indicate that attribute matching functions decrease the usage of keys and leads to efficient key management. Bloom filters helps in easy…...

Security Analysis - User Identifications in the Network

Security Analysis Protecting the user identifications in the network is an important task because they are located everywhere, such as airport lounges, hotels, hospitals, Bank, business centers, and cafes. All sorts of attacks may happen in such location, including key logger, malware, and phishing. So that it is needed to define an authentication protocols is highly important. Hence, this paper we define a threat model and identified that scheme is secure. We classify the following attacks in this authentication category…...

Email and Their Security Issues

Abstract In this paper, we'll discuss about email and their security issues. Email is that the most typical mode of communication these days. Email not only used for sending messages or text only but also to send audio, video and other files as attachment. We always relay on email's confidentiality and integrity for important data or communication. We'll discuss about the privacy issue, how the attacker attacks an email and the prevention of emails. This architecture will improve the security…...

Cyber and Network Security: Definition & Best Practices

INTRODUCTION Network security is any activity designed to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data. It includes both hardware and software technologies. Effective network security manages access to the network. It targets a variety of threats and stops them from entering or spreading on your network. Network security combines multiple layers of defences at the edge and in the network. Each network security layer implements policies and controls. Authorized users gain access to network resources, but malicious…...

Daniel Solove About Online Privacy and Security

Daniel J. Solove is a full-time law professor at the George Washington University Law School. This essay is from his new book, Nothing to Hide: The False Tradeoff Between Privacy and Security, published in May of 2011 by Yale University Press. He introduces possible problems of government information gathering and surveillance that are often overlooked. He had the intention to remind the audience of the importance of privacy. As, everyone assumes that we are not being monitored. Professor Solove effectively…...

Importance of network security

The importance of web security in LAN/WANSecurity is a major factor within local and broad country webs. Procure a web Allows a concern to work right to avoid intervention or hold. illustration, if a little cyberspace company failed to present or set security processs or mechanisms in topographic point, so to call four jobs could develop for case:All of their informations such as client records and providers inside informations could be stolen or amended.Customers may desert if they know the…...

Investigating Wireless Network Security Vulnerabilities Computer Science Essay

Some yearss back, about all authorities and private computing machine webs were limited to hard-wire connexions with desktop Personal computers which is wired web. Although many employees had laptops, they by and large connected to the Internet or to a web via modems and phone lines, which are comparative easy to procure.Today, there is explosive growing in radio computer science, both at the office and at place, and this presents wholly different security jobs. Wireless computer science is frequently called…...

Network Security Concerned With Access Control Computer Science Essay

IntroductionThe computing machine webs which are both private and public are used to carry on twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours communications and minutess among authorities bureaus, concerns and persons. The webs include `` nodes '' , which are `` client '' terminuss ( single user Personal computers ) , and one or more `` waiters '' . These are joined to communicating systems, which can be private or public. Users can entree the web through desktop computing machines, laptops, cell…...

Network Security Denial Of Service Computer Science Essay

Normally a DoS onslaughts is Denial of Service onslaughts which means a one computing machine or system and one cyberspace or web connexion will be flooded to a waiter by the packages and the chief point of such a onslaught is to do overload the targeted waiters bandwidth and besides ither sort of resources. So by this onslaught it will do others to entree to the sever and hence barricading the web site or anything else hosted on waiter. Whereas…...

Network Security Footprinting And Enumeration Computer Science Essay

LSASS stands for Local Security Authority Subsystem Service. In Microsoft Windows runing systems it is a procedure that is responsible for implementing the security policy on the system. The procedure lsass.exe serves as the Local Security Authentication Server by Microsoft, Inc. It is responsible for the enforcement of the security policy in the operating system. It checks whether a user 's designation is valid or non whenever he or she trying to entree the computing machine system. With the executing…...

Password Recovery Tool Kit

Computer forensics is the need of carrying out computer related investigations to find legal evidence to related crimes. In order to carry out these investigations, forensics experts use computer forensics tool kits that help them in their investigations. There are a number of forensics tool kits used in different forensic activities such as: Password recovery tool kit (PRTK) This is a tool used to recover lost passwords. It is used to recover passwords of commonly used applications such as Microsoft…...

System And Network Security Computer Science Essay

Decades ago when the computing machine system was used really rare, no concerns was for security, but subsequently on when large companies and administrations start to utilize computing machine system on commercial bases and communicate through web the hazards for informations and information increased. In 1970s first clip the computing machine security was considered in proper manner, though the issues had prejudiced the advancement of figure of old systems such as the Atlas system and MULTICS. Today the administrations are…...

Online Security And Privacy Issues

In the modern era, the internet is growing rapidly and the internet is used at every public and private organization. Nowadays there are numerous things that are available on the internet such as online shopping, online banking etc. For all these kinds of searches, several sites required personal information such as your name, contact number, email address, more and more your credit or debit card details for the online payments. Many users are subject of Security and Privacy issues on…...

Online Privacy: Using the Internet Safely

The use of the internet has grown tremendously in the recent past. Social media sites have for example become quite popular among people of different age groups. However, this increased use has come with data threats and privacy issues for both individuals and organizations. Individuals and organizations can protect themselves online through multiple precautionary measures. The first step in ensuring online privacy is the use of unique passwords. Using a single password for all internet platforms increases the risk of…...

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