Natural Disasters Essay

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Natural Disasters

There is certain order in the world. The planets move in their orbit around the sun. The disasters which occur naturally are known as natural disasters. There are infinite natural disasters. Some of them are landslides, floods and volcanic eruptions. By taking the example of planets orbiting around the sun, the question rises that how do these devastating disasters occur?

Floods occur in those areas which are closer to seas. Due to heavy rain, the sea water increases and spills out over the area with speed and destroying everything. Flash floods are another example of floods which occur suddenly. All the land and fertile soil is destroyed.

Landslides occur in mountains. They occur by a number of reasons in which earthquake is the main reason. It causes the mountainous slopes to weaken the saturated soil which run down the hill and kills every thing in the way. It blocks the way for people to travel.

Volcanoes are fractured structured located on the crust which fall within the mass of the definition of planet. The earth allows hot lava to escape from the magma which is below the surface. This occurs when the earth’s crust breaks in some major parts. Erupting volcanoes cause many hazards such as volcanic ash, which is a threat to aircraft, mainly in jet engines where ash particles are melted due to high temperature. This destroys the turbine blades.

After a lot of research it is still not known how volcanic eruption can be prevented. Researchers have stopped looking for prevention of volcanic eruptions.Man’s defences are too weak in comparison to nature. It is often expected that natural disasters are nature’s way of keeping human population in check.

Are any of these disasters caused by man Man is not the cause of volacanic eruptions, but he plays a role in weather related disasters as floods. Everyone knows that weather is being affected by clearing of forests on earth. This is within our control. Hence some disasters can be controlled. All we have to do is to hope for a day to come when we could control all natural disasters. Till then we have to remain at the mercy of nature.

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