Humanitarian Professional for Hunger Peace and Natural Disasters 

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I believe why I would become a Humanitarian professional is that I have been overseas several times and seen children hungry and adults hungry and not have no education and from that day on I was determined I never want to see any child or adult stave and lose their life due to hunger that is what had caused me to want to reach out and help all I can in need . I vowed I was going to feed the hungry.

What has caused me to want to become a humanitarian professional is my goal is to save lives, relieve suffering, and maintain human dignity. The bonds that are formed working together in intense situations are very powerful, and friendships formed even in a few days and can be long-lasting.

I enjoy helping people that need in all different cultures. I am the kind of person that came from a background of being kind and caring and having a German and southern Italian background.

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I will say I am a direct person when I speak and give respect to the person that I'm meeting. Due to my race and ethnicity, I carry the same as ethnicity as my German background. People view me as respectful and direct and honest but always willing to help anyone that is in need. The limitation of free speech is now in 2018 changing in the culture that I have learned.

I believe that fairness is behavior without favoritism or discrimination. My identity has not been changed much my personality is still direct when speaking and a very caring person.

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No matter what my values are strong and will not change and my cultural upbringing is still the same except my food is very different than what the German people eat. I'm more for Italian food. When I get the chance to be there for someone who really needs me,

I will be there. Even in no crisis moments, if I know that someone really values something that's within my power to deliver, I would do my best to do what is impossible because I always feel can't never, but I have in the past and will continue doing what it takes to help and provide care.

The elements I have always wanted to be involved in is Disaster Relief and peacekeeper overseas. The skills that I have for being a humanitarian professional is critical thinking and Problem Solving. I have good communication and writing. I have also had the skill of collaboration across digital networks and with individuals from different backgrounds. We live in a very complex world, and It's very important to be able to adapt and redefine one’s approach to facilitating change. I also have skills in solving problems and always trying to give to people in need.

Updated: Jan 09, 2022
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