My Writing Experiences Essay

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My Writing Experiences

I began to write composition in my highschool years. Firstly I was taught to writecomposition by preparing outline and then regulating it. Our english teacher gave us varioushomeworks on different topics. Firstly we used to write it in Turkish then translate it intoEnglish, so we could make a lot of mistakes. It was either a report about a book we read,movie we watched, or a topic from the teacher’s sheet. But he always wanted to us obeygrammatical and punctuational rules while writing, althought we didn’t know these rules verywell. Therefore I could only write in a limited way with a limited knowledge I had. On noaccount was I excited to write in highschool because I felt like I was forced to writesomething. It seems like there would have been a time in these years when I would have hadthe opportunity to write about something I wanted to write about. However, with all the otherwriting assignments we had to do that didn’t excite me, it’s hard to remember the goodones. It changed a little when I was second class. Our new teacher introduced some newthings.Sometimes he handed out our classmates’ papers to us which I liked very much,wecould have experiences by seeing their mistakes.

Sometimes he asked to us analyse his ownwritings and we had the chance get some different ideas about what kind of details acomposition must include. I liked this teacher but I still wasn’t contended. When I entered theuniversity enjoyed getting the chance to express myself in writing. With the helps of my newcomposition teacher I learnt a lot of new techniques about how to write a composition. Ourcomposition teacher asked to us make brain storming before start to write a composition. Itwas very hard to convey all my thoughts and feelings to just a simple piece of paper beforethis course. Our teacher gave us the chance to express ourselves in writing. Thus, by usingwriting, we can have a tangible outlook on who we are as writers and more importantly, whowe are as individuals.

Thanks to my composition teacher I can convey all my thoughts topaper. Throughout my educational experience thus far, I have concluded that I have thenecessary skills to become a good writer; however, I must be willing to learn through trial anderror. Our composition teacher tolerates our mistakes and helps us to improve writing skills,so I don’t afraid of making mistakes no longer. Thus I have confidence in writing and I canexpress myself more than before. One day if I become a teacher I will do my best to makewriting something my students find enjoyable and fun compared to boring and tedious.

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