My Thoughts About Famous Mystery Books

Now a day’s teenagers rarely use books for reading fansy stories they usually use their gadgets, that’s why I want to introduce to all of you again the “books”, especially the “mystery books”. Usually mystery books contains “cracking codes, hacking a system, solving a crime and many more. Few teenagers have interest to a mystery books, usually they read romance, fantasy, action. Mystery books are not only for past time, it can also be an educational book for those teenagers who want’s to be police.

I have here 2 examples of mystery books.


Detective Conan, also known as Case Closed (meitantei konan) is an ongoing Japanese detective manga series written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyoma. Detective Conan is the story of seventeen years old master detective “ Shinichi Kudo”. Shinichi Kudo is a high school detective who use his quick witted analysis in solving crimes and he has been helping the police since his middle school. One day, Shinichi kudo take his childhood friend “Mouri Ran” to the amusement park, he notice men in black engaged in an illegal transaction Shinichi Kudo try to flow those men in black and find out what they are up to, but before Shinichi notice he knock down.

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Those men in black give him a killer drug (APTX 7869) and leave him to die. But Shinichi is not die and unexpected things happen shinichi’s body gets weaken to an elementary kid. Then Shinichi takes the identity of Edogawa Conan, a far relative of shinichi and he starts living with Ran and her father Mouri Kogorou in their detective agency cum house.

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And that’s the story of detective conan.


Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle wrote his first holmes story, a study in scarlet, in 1886. Sherlock Holmes, a fictitious character was based on a real man, Dr. Joseph Bell, a renown forensic scientist at Ediburgh University whom Conan-Doyle studied under. Sherlock Holmes is a man with extraordinary power of observation. Sherlock is absolutely inhuman, no heart, but with a beautifully logical intellect.” MY NAME IS SHERLOCK HOLMES IT IS MY BUSINESS TO KNOW WHAT OTHER PEOPLE DON’T KNOW” that’s the motto of Sherlock holmes. Sherlock Holmes stories have different part (THE EARLY ADVENTURES, THE GREAT DETECTIVE, A LEGEND RETURNS, HOLMES TAKES A BOW, THE FINAL DEDUCTION, AND THE WORLD OF SHERLOCK HOLMES) each parts have different characters and chapters.

Example in the early adventures the story are Stamford introduces Watson to Holmes and the two men agree to take rooms together. Watson studies Holmes, who demonstrates his remarkable powers of armchair observation and deduction. Watson escort Holmes to a house in Brixton where an American called Drebber lies dead. Holmes sends a telegram to the US police. Holmes tries to draw out the murderer with a newspaper ad about a ring left at the scene. Gregson arrests Drebber’s landlady, but then Lestrade finds Strangerson sttabed to death, exonerating Arthur. Holmes sueprise Gregson and lestrade by luring the murderer, Jefferson Hope, to baker street and arresting him. That’s the half story of Sherlock holmes.

Books are not only for education, books also the way to unwind or stress reliever, you can choose different genres of books like educational, mystery, fantasy, and romance. That’s why I chose this topic to encourageall of you to be a book lover. 

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