My Super Mother

For me heroes really exist in reality. And for me my super hero is my mother. My mother actually is an ordinary woman. But for me she can do extra ordinary things. She is always there in times that I feel very hopeless, that’s why I really love her. She brought me up with a strong faith and a power to face the toughest challenges in life. She is willing to help everyone’s problems or misery without anything in return.

That’s why I’m so very proud of her. For me she’s the best mother in the whole world. She’s talented, pretty and very hardworking.

My mother is the one who taught me how to write, read, and how to explore things in life. She provided me and my siblings the best educational opportunities that there could be. She has always pushed me to study very hard so that I can achieve my life’s goal.

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My mother is also the one who influenced me to have a decision in my life. My mother’s perseverance has encouraged me to live the life of an authentic person. I and my family felt so blessed to have a mother like her. She is so very protective, supportive and very caring unlike to my father.

Even though she is always stressed doing the household chores she has always time to help us in our assignments, projects and all the things that we need her help. That s why I and my siblings really love her she’s our living hero.

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For me having my mother is the luckiest thing that I had. Even though there is many times that we are having an argument. But it’s not that really serious, because my mom is very understanding. She can understand my own feelings and she’s not very strict unlike to my father. She loves cooking foods on her own, and making her own recipes.

She loves spending her time cleaning the house as always, reading books and teaching my little sister her lessons. If my mom was a food I can tell that she’s the most special one. She’s one of a kind and for me she’s the most unique and delicious food that I’ve ever tasted. And if my mom was a student, she is the most talented and the brightest of all the students in class. That’s why I’m so very proud of her. And if my mom was a warrior, she is the bravest and the strongest person that I’ve ever seen. But the truth is my mom was a simple human living in this world.

But for me she is the hero and the reason why I and my family keep living. I’m very thankful to God that he had given me my mother. Because the person who influences my life the most is my mother Even though sometimes she had our breakfast overcooked, we love eating the foods that she made. And even though she commits mistakes, the number of the mistakes that she did was nothing compare to the number of the times she help us to avoid to do mistakes. I admire my mother because she is a strong woman to have the courage to face our family difficulties in our everyday life, and also she always had a big heart in caring for others.

My mother has sacrificed so much just to raise us. She’s not just a mother but for us she is a hero. A hero that is always there to help us in times that we feel so burdened and in times that we need her she is also always there to guide us through the right path. Pretty, supportive, protective, cheerful, brilliant, industrious, talented, understanding, amazing and unique these are just words how to describe my mother. But for me no words can tell how wonderful my mother is. That’s why I’m very happy and contented to have a mother like her.

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My Super Mother

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